Those scores are for the PSAT test your child took in October.  The simple answer to that question is that, since the PSAT is a practice test to help your child prepare for the SAT by acquainting the student with the substance of the SAT, the scores should give you an idea where your child’s scores might be on the SAT.

To see how the scores would correlate with SAT scores, simply add a 0 to the scores.  For instance a 57 on the PSAT would correlate with a 570 on the SAT.  You can then add all three scores to see where your child’s SAT scores might be likely to fall.

Several factors influence the accuracy of the scores as predictors for SAT scores.  First, the SAT is much longer.  It also starts with an essay.  The PSAT is taken at your child’s school around his or her classmates and friends.  The SAT is likely not at their school, and it will not be around classmates and friends.   And there can be a question about how seriously the student worked on the test. There is a reason we call them kids.

Finally the scores can be used to determine National Merit Scholarship awards.  If you add the three scores together you will get the value displayed as the Index Score.  This is the qualifying score for National Merit consideration.  In Texas the qualifying scores vary by year but typically fall in the 215 to 218 area.

If you have more questions or would like us to interpret the scores, just give me a call at 214-691-2868 and I will be happy to discuss the scores and what they mean.  If you would rather, you can meail me at:

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