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Collaborating on a coding project

Techie Factory is becoming Dallas' go-to after school STEAM-enrichment lab for students in grades K-8.

Our program is designed to inspire creativity, teamwork, problem solving and logical thinking - all while kids have fun and make new friends!

Our next session of Afterschool Labs begins April 9, 2018. We'd love to see you there! Want to try a class for free? No problem! Just give us a call at 214-614-8166 or email us at  to reserve your spot.



Junior Coders & Circuit Boards  Mondays 3:45pm - 5:00pm

Here beginners can learn the basics of programming with a mix of physical and digital activities. We’ll also introduce (or reinforce) proper use a keyboard, mouse, touchscreens, the Internet, and much more. We will also introduce microcontrollers and let students create ways to incorporate those with code they have written themselves. Find more info or Register Here


Raspberry Pi Electronics Projects  Mondays 5:15pm - 6:30pm

This class offers an Intro to hardware and programming skills using Raspberry Pi, Python, and more. Perfect for beginners or those with a little experience with the Pi or Pi Zero. Find more info or Register Here


Junior Robotics & Drones   Tuesdays, 3:45pm - 5:00pm

Beginners can use their brains to problem solve, code, and learn how computers “think” while controlling multiple types of robots and drones in this lab. In the latter weeks, we’ll even build our own robots that students can take home for continued fun and learning.  Find more info or Register Here


3D Printing for Beginners  Tuesdays, 5:15pm - 6:30pm

In this 3D printing course, kids learn how to design their inspirations for 3D printing! Kids learn how to use TinkerCAD (3D modeling software) working with shapes to create 3D models. Kids will then work on a group project to present at the conclusion of the course. Find More Info or Register Here


Junior Electronics   Wednesdays, 3:45pm - 5:00pm

Circuits power everything! And in this course, young learners can experience key concepts and components that offer electricity to toys, household items, and the larger world. Many classes will include take home items that kids have made themselves so they can “demo” circuits for friends and family members. Find more info or Register Here


Electronics 101   Wednesdays, 5:15pm - 6:30pm

Take circuitry to the next level in this afterschool lab! Students will construct many projects using electricity; they will learn to solder and repair short circuits and broken connections. Course includes lots of take home circuit board projects.  Find more info or Register Here



A few facts about our after school labs -

  • Each class has a maximum class size of only 10 students, and every lesson is customized to meet learners "where they are"
  • Students can enroll in a lab they have taken before and not repeat any content but instead will be challenged to further their knowledge of the subject matter
  • We're flexible about the suggested age range, as we know you know best which lab environments will work for your child

Any questions? Please call us at (214)614-8166 or email us at 




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