Gravatar celebrates it's 3 year blog anniversary in chicwish skirt.

Chicwish skirt c/o / Black top – on SALE; I stole it from Taylor’s closet (I love this one too) / Shoes old (similar here and here for less) / Charlotte Max clutch / Lips: Chanel in Ultrapink

Happy Blog Anniversary! is three years old. Can you believe that? Let’s celebrate together. CHEERS!

It has now been 3 years since I started this blog. That’s 775 blog posts I have logged! One of the most rewarding things has been to see it grow but to also have all of you following along on this fun little journey.  Although you feel like you know me, I’m actually a really private person. Opening up on my blog doesn’t come easy for me.  Not because I do not want to be open or seem more engaging, I just really feel like I’m boring.

In my mind, we’re on a coffee date each morning but the conversation is very one-dimensional with me blabbing away about what I have on, how to have incredible eyebrows or showing you my latest beauty finds. I feel like the majority of you who have followed me since the beginning have hopefully felt like you have gotten to know me over the last 3 years but as this space continues to grow and things change I thought it would be fun to ‘Ten Things About Tanya‘ you might or might not know.

  1. I am an only child and I absolutely love it. Everything was and is always about me as far as my parents are concerned. Well, now I share the spotlight with my children, their grandchildren. I am fortunate to still have my parents (see this blog post)
  2. Pete and I have been married for 24 years. Yep, count them. He is the most patient, kind and loving human being and puts up with all of my shenanigans which are too numerous to list. He is also my photographer when we travel (insert eye roll)
  3. I love to travel and if I could have my way, we would travel all the time. In fact, I would be a travel blogger and just be on the go, go, go. Travel bucket list: Dubai, Bora Bora, Australia and Tahiti
  4. I hate tailgating and any form of sports watching parties. It’s just not my thing. I love to watch sports and was certainly at all of my children’s sporting events but large gatherings to watch something on TV are just not for me. So no, I won’t be at anyone’s Super Bowl Party.
  5. We love living in Dallas! In fact, Pete and I often talk about where we would retire and we honestly can’t come up with anywhere. We’re not lake house people or ranch people so building a retirement place away from here doesn’t seem logical.
  6. Just like sports watching parties, I don’t like awards show parties either. I love to watch the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, SAG Awards and other awards shows at home, preferably by myself. That’s because I’ve done my home work and I really know the films, actors and what’s up for grabs. And, most importantly, I watch all the red carpet arrivals for fashion coverage on the blog (like this one)
  7. My favorite thing about traveling on an airplane is getting upgraded to first class (occasionally) and knowing that warm nuts will be served. Along with a homemade, warm cookie. Silly, I know.
  8. Decorating and interior design literally frighten me. Everything in our home has been done by an interior designer. Ashley H., my dear friend and incredible designer who lives in New York City used to laugh at me when I would tell her “I don’t know s$%& from shinola”.  It’s just not my gift. Currently, I work with Lisa Henderson Interiors. She’s incredible to work with and she was a Baylor Kappa!
  9. I hate to work out. I’ll try things here and there but truthfully, I have never liked it (odd coming from someone who was in high school drill team and on a college dance team). I just don’t like to sweat.
  10. My family is the most important and precious possession I have. I’m so proud of all our kids and talk about them non stop to anyone who will listen. Katie, Meghan, Taylor and P.J. have become the most generous, loving and kind adults. Our work is done. Now we just get to sit back and enjoy them!

Did you learn something new about me? Leave me a comment and let me know. I want to thank each and every one of you who have been so loyal to this blog that I have grown over the last three years. If I could write each and every one of you a thank you note, I would. This space would not be possible without all of you.

Thank you for sticking with me and allowing me to come into your life!  xoxo – Tanya

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Consultant, producer, actor, commercial print model Tanya Foster is the multi tasking mom and wife we all know. A native Texan, Foster originally hails from Houston but has called Dallas her home for more than 25 years. She is best known for her work in the non-profit sector through tanya foster consulting. Her hands-on, goal driven approach allows non-profit organizations to adopt her “can do” spirit. Whether consulting on various projects or serving full time as President and CEO of the Dallas Film Society from 2009 to 2011, she leaves no stone unturned. Her role with the Dallas Film Society included serving as the Executive Director of the Dallas International Film Festival in 2010 and 2011. It is here that she found her passion for film! Foster has integrated all of her loves, enabling her to focus on acting and commercial print work. In 2011 she made the natural leap to talent by working on local productions such as TNT’s “Dallas”, commercials and commercial print for clients including Visionworks, Chase Sapphire and Fit Logic. Her professional approach enables her to see the project as a whole and step in to her role. Tanya’s beautiful smile and remarkable charisma makes her a natural! Uniquely versatile and notoriously hard-working, she is also involved with many leading charitable organizations in Dallas as a volunteer. She has chaired the Junior League of Dallas Ball, the Cattle Baron’s Ball, numerous luncheons and galas as well as currently serving as an active member of the Crystal Charity Ball. She also serves on several boards and advisory boards. Giving back to the community continues to be a top priority for Foster. - Contact Tanya at  
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