Did you invite one of the big oil companies to your dinner party? Sure, it’s a strange question, but if you had your table linens or party attire dry cleaned, it’s likely that you had an unintended guest.

By dry cleaning clothes or household items through traditional methods, you may have unintentionally invited toxic chemicals into your home.

Most dry cleaners use either perchloroethylene or hydrocarbon, which are petroleum-based solvents. Perc, as it's called, is classified as a Toxic Air Contaminant, and is carefully regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), both in how it's used and how it's disposed of.

However, there are alternatives to traditional dry cleaning methods that keep your clothes just as fresh with an added bonus — no typical “dry cleaning” smell.

Swiss Cleaners, located in the Park Cities, has been in the dry cleaning business for 32 years, utilizing GreenEarth Cleaning methods since 2000. Located in the same shopping center, at Mockingbird Lane near SMU, for the past 20 years, Swiss Cleaners has earned the trust of Park Cities residents and gained a successful knowledge of the neighborhood.

Swiss Cleaners utilizes the GreenEarth Cleaning dry cleaning process because the method contains no hazardous chemicals, no petroleum and no risk to the air, water or soil.

This also means that clothes are 100 percent odor-free, non-allergenic and non-irritating — good news for those with asthma and odor sensitivities, allergies and sensitive skin.

Rather than using petroleum-based solvents, Swiss Cleaners uses pure liquid silicone, or, liquefied sand, to clean clothes. GreenEarth is so safe that the EPA doesn't regulate it, unlike the petroleum-based solvents used by most dry cleaners. The GreenEarth method is proven to be safer for people and the environment — even safer for clothes.

Delicate fabrics including lace, sequins, silks, leather and even wedding gowns can all be safely cleaned — and refreshed — with GreenEarth. By using the GreenEarth method offered at Swiss Cleaners, your clothes will look newer longer, keeping colors bright and fabric left with less wear and tear than if cleaned by traditional dry cleaning processes.


With comparable pricing to other dry cleaning methods and no threat to health or the environment, it’s easy to see why GreenEarth has become so popular. If you’re interested in learning more about Swiss Cleaners and GreenEarth, visit or stop by the store at 3030 Mockingbird Ln. 

Swiss Cleaners

3030 Mockingbird Ln.
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