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Free doctor safety video available on

To help prevent accidental injuries to children, has released a free video in which one of the country’s top emergency room physicians and one of the country’s top child trauma surgeons talk about their daily experience in the prevention and causes of accidental injury to children. 

Accidents are the number one cause of death and injury among children and teens, and their prevention should be a priority for every parent. 

The video is presented in seven feeding-length segments.  “You can watch a segment while feeding your baby, so just set up in front of the computer, feed, and learn how to protect your child,” says mom of four and co-founder Niccole Maurici.  

“If your physicians could spend an hour with you talking about how to keep your child safe, this is what they would tell you,” says father of three and co-founder Tal Franklin, who conducted the interviews.  “This was a truly eye-opening experience.  These doctors are great at explaining not only the risks to our children but also the reason behind preventative measures.  And when you’re dealing with accidental injury to a child, the old saying about an ounce of prevention rings particularly true.”

“Although no environment can be entirely safe, it is important as parents to know what the risks are and what we can do to prevent injury to our children,” Franklin continued.  

“As you watch the video, you get struck by how heart-wrenching it is for these heroic physicians to see preventable traumatic injuries to children, and how they want to make sure that no parent or child has to go through that ever again,” Maurici added.  “I urge all parents to watch this video.”  

The video is available free of charge to every parent at:

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