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At our 30-minute training class, a mom asked, “What can I do to help get rid of belly fat?” That is a frequently asked question and as a woman’s body ages, our midsection changes. Hormones are a leading cause of this change in our body and as we age, our metabolism slows down. So what can you do? Watch our 30-minute workouts in action and read our MOMORANDUM™-Muffin Top to learn more.™ was co-founded by University Park mom, Niccole Maurici, current mom of four and former certified personal trainer. Commit to be fit and see your life change!™ is about making moms the strongest they can be, both mentally and physically. Our 30-minute workouts, be+positive™ messages and website information offer the tools every mom needs to become the strongest she can be. Visit our website to learn more about our vision. Why are™ fitness videos the best exercise program for moms? 30-minutes. We understand moms are busy and we want you to succeed. Authentic. Created by a mom of four and former certified personal trainer. Convenient. At home: no childcare, no driving, and no membership fees. Encouraging. Every workout ends with a 30-second be+positive™ message. Flexible. Choose from a 3, 4, 5 or 6-day week workout plan that’s right for you. Instructional. Emphasizes great form: great form gives you great results. - Contact Niccole at  
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