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Front Row: (L-R): Nico Maurici, Anderson Hoctor, 2nd Row: (L-R): Gabe Nowak, Pasquale Maurici, Matthew White, Charlie Olmstead, Charles Brewer, Coaches: (L-R): Vito Maurici, Matt Nowak

The Park Cities YMCA Green Bay Packers 2nd grade flag football team participated in the Town North YMCA Flag Football tournament and claimed the championship this past Friday evening in a nail biter win over St. Rita's Sharks.

The 22-20 win was highlighted by three touchdown receptions made by Charles Brewer (Armstrong Elementary), Gabe Nowak (Armstrong Elementary) and another by Pasquale Maurici (UP Elementary). The Packers also converted 2-2 point conversions by Pasquale Maurici and Matthew White (Armstrong Elementary). The game came down to the last five plays of the game. The Sharks had 5 attempts to score a game winning touch down, but the Packers defense stepped up and prevented the Sharks from scoring.

Head coach Matt Nowak said, “This team plays with passion and heart. Watching them grow to love the sport is the best part of being their coach. I’m really proud of their effort, everyone gave 110% on the field these last three nights be become champions.”

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