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Everyday, people are emotionally wounded by rejection.  You can let rejection halt your forward progress or you can use rejection to fuel your passion to succeed. Whether it is a failed business deal, relationship, or “thanks, but no thanks” conversation, learning how to overcome rejection can set you up for future success.

Why does rejection hurt so much?

MRI studies show that the same regions of the brain are activated whether a person suffers from the emotional pain (rejection) or physical pain (injury).  The difference is that the physical pain eventually goes away, whereas you can relive the emotional pain and remain in a constant state of hurt.

How can you turn rejection into success?

1. Don’t Panic

When people are rejected, a common reaction is to panic.  How do you respond if you are passed over for the promotion or didn’t get invited to a social event?  Before you panic, let this experience remind you of all the positive things you have to offer and focus on what you have, verses what you think you are missing. 

2. Look Upward and Move Onward

Do you have a serene place, favorite memory, or laughable moment?  Put yourself in that place instead of dwelling on the “would have, could have or should have”.  When you choose to look upward and move onward, you can embrace the moment and remember how you add value to your family or loved ones.  Sylvester Stallone once said, “I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat.”

3. Minimize the Impact

Rejection can halt your ability to move forward, but more importantly, might snowball into a bigger issue.  Instead of letting the rejection fuel your anger, aggression, or devalue your self-worth, remember that the rejection is not personal, there is a better “fit” waiting for you and do not let rejection define you.

4. Stop Reliving the Rejection

Rejection can overrun your life; it can compromise your self-identity or cause emotional heartache.  Turning rejection into an opportunity to grow stronger takes courage.  Stop reliving the rejection and begin the healing process: feel the hurt, give yourself time, and learn something from the rejection.  

What do Tom Brady (199th NFL draft pick), Sylvester Stallone ($400 million net worth) and the late Walt Disney ($5 billion net worth) have in common? They all faced rejection and had the courage to not panic, looked upward, moved onward, minimized the impact and stopped reliving the rejection.

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