Memorial Day has been an American holiday since 1868, a day set aside to honor fallen U.S. service men and women.  Today, Memorial Day is celebrated across the country, not only honoring those who have died in service to our country, but also to honor the memory of friends and loved ones who have passed.

With an extra day off work to celebrate Memorial Day, many people across the country celebrate with trips to the lake, or family cookouts.  If you’re planning a Memorial Day celebration, here are some tips to make the day truly memorable.

Decorate with red, white and blue. No, it’s not July 4th, but Memorial Day is likely the second most patriotic holiday celebrated in America. Break out your stars and stripes and red, white and blue balloons, table cloths and flowers. Remember, if you’re flying an American flag, it should be flown at half-mast until noon.

Don’t miss the parade. Chances are, your community is hosting a Memorial Day parade. Get your day started off on the right foot, by celebrating with local veterans and service men and women, police and the fire department.

Food. Whether a backyard BBQ, picnic in the park, or something more formal, spend a little time planning your Memorial Day menu. Need help with great eats? Let S&S cater your event, or grab a pre-made meal for your picnic from Take Away Chef.

What’s a good party without good music? Set the mood with great music. recommends these songs for your Memorial Day playlist.

1. Stars and Stripes Forever / John Phillips Sousa

2. Born in the USA / Bruce Springsteen

3. American Pie / Don McLean 4. Breakfast in America / Supertramp

5. Blowin' in the Wind / Bob Dylan

6. Games Without Frontiers / Peter Gabriel

7. What You Talkin' About / Genghis Blues Soundtrack

 8. American Without Tears / Elvis Costello

9. Hail, Hail, the Gangs All Here / Fred Astaire

10. The Star-Spangled Banner / Francis Scott Key

Whatever you do, don’t forget to pay tribute to the many men and women who serve our country in the armed forces. If any of your guests are service men or women, take a few moments to recognize their sacrifice and contribution to our great nation.

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Are you counting down the weeks, or maybe even just the days until school’s out? Time is running out to show your child’s teachers just how much you appreciate the work they have done this school year.

Looking for a creative “thank you” gift or end of year recognition for your child’s teacher? We’ve got a few ideas for you.

Host a teacher appreciation luncheon. Gather other parents from your child’s school and organize a luncheon to honor the teachers who have invested their last year in your child’s life. If your child attends a small school, consider hosting a luncheon for all of the teachers and faculty. If your child attends a large school, a luncheon for your child’s classroom teacher or the other teachers from the same grade would be appropriate. Let S&S Catering help reduce the stress of event planning. Check out our event catering options.

Give your child’s teacher a homemade ‘thank you’ gift. Get the kids involved and craft a special, homemade gift for their teachers. Keep it simple -- any teacher would appreciate a handmade picture frame with a photo of your child with his or her teacher or a special magnet.

Give a gift card for your child’s teacher to be pampered or enjoy a special dinner. From Starbucks to restaurants, movies or spas, gift cards are a simple, yet much appreciated gift for any teacher. Even better, give your child’s teacher a night away from the kitchen with a gift card to Take Away Chef.  We offer a number of packaged dinners and meals for families large or small.

No matter the gift, it really is the thought that counts. There’s no gift that could repay any teacher for the work they put into their students each year. A small gift is simply a token of appreciation for the investment teachers have made in your child’s life.