Santa’s Big Developmental Toy Wish List

North Dallas and Park Cities Parents,

We have had a few requests for toy ideas - so here are some of our suggestions :)  

Below are some great sensory-motor games/toys broken down by age group.  These are just a few of our brainstorm ideas and new stuff we have seen on the market.  We do not endorse the items below, so please be an active consumer and read the product information to make the best decision for your children/friends/family.  Also please follow all safety precautions listed by the manufacturer as we are not responsible in any way for safety in use/play of the listed toys.  These toys can be found at stores and/or online.  We noted where we located the toys for your information, but I’m sure many of them can be found other places besides the ones listed.  Some of the toys listed can be interchanged between age groups so check them all out :) :)  Happy shopping!!! 

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday Season with your family and friends.


Stocking Stuffers:  Gyroscope; Yo-yo; Tridio Twist; Extreme Dot to Dot; Tangles; Jacks; Card games; Bayblades; Brain Food by Fat Brain Toy Co.;


Birth to 3

Lamaze toys/rattles/etc. by Learning Curve are great multi-sensory items

Mozart Magic Cube by Munchkin

Bug Jug Fill and Spill by Melissa and Doug

Flashbeat Drum

Shape Sorter Cube by Mellissa and Doug

Tobbles by Fat Brain Toy Co.

GEOMAG GBABY Farm by Reeves International

Baby Whoozit by Manhattan Toys

Discovery Blocks by HABA

Moby by HABA

Super Mat by Tiny Love

Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy by Melissa and Doug

Softimals Circus Train and/or Softimals Safari Set by Mindware

Water Symphony from Young Explorers

Baby Bouncer Trampoline from Young Explorers

1-2-3 Grow-with-Me from Magic Cabin (9 mths and up)

Peewee Walking Buddy and Ride-On from Young Explorers


Smithsonian Interactive Animal Cubes

Musical Swimming Bath Bear from Young Explorer

Snuggle Sun Symphony from Young Explorers (from birth)

Chime Garden from Young Explorers

Follow Me Friends from Young Explorers


3 to 5 years

Dado Cubes from Fat Brain Toy Co.

Reptangles by Fat Brain Toy Co.

Plasma Car by PlaSmart

Erector Set (Easy) by Schylling

AnimaLogic by Fat Brain Toy Co.

Sturdy Birdy by Fat Brain Toys

Monster Bowling by Melissa and Doug

Gears!Gears!Gears! Beginner’s Building Set by Learning Resources

I Spy Preschool Game by BriarPatch

Moon Sand by WABA Fun

Magnetic Mighty Mind by Mighty Mind

Sun Art Paper by Tedco Toys

IlluStory by Creations by You

Rainbow Mosaic Pattern Puzzles by Mindware

Spot It card games (alphabet, numbers, and shapes) by Mindware

Frog Wobble by Mindware

Maze books and Dot-to-Dot books (Can be found at Wal-Mart, Target, Toys ‘r Us, etc)

Roll & Play by Mindware

Block Buddies by Mindware

Sit ‘n Spin from Young Explorers

Lean to Steer Scooter from Young Explorers

Deluxe Archer Set with Target from Young Explorers

Sumo Bumper Boppers from Young Explorers

Hide and Seek Safari Jr. from Young Explorers

Mental Blox from Young Explorers

Giant Piano Mat from Young Explorers

Training Skate Set from Young Explorers

Crayola No Mess Art Center

Wooden Jungle Marble Run from Young Explorers

When Pigs Fly Game from Young Explorers


OGOSport Disc Game 

Electronic Dance Playmat from Young Explorers

Squigz from Hearthsong

Classic Wooden Blocks from Magic Cabin


6 to 8 years

Wobble Deck by Diggin

Erector Set by Schylling

Perplexus by PlaSmart

Acuity by Fat Brain Toy Co.

Flip to Win Hangman by Melissa and Doug

Snap Circuits Jr. by Elenco

Yo Baby Kick Flipper by Garage Co. Toys

World Record Paper Airplane Book by Workman

Tri-Spy by Fat Brain Toy Col.

Squap by Diggin

Ball of Whacks by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Rush Hour by Thinkfun

Hyper Dash by WIld Planet

Chinese Jump Rope by Channel Craft


Icosoku by Recent Toys International


Wonders of Weaving by Mindware

Mosaic MagnaPatterns by Mindware

Goobi Magnetic Construction Set by Mindware

Spot It card games by Mindware

Rush Hour Junior by Thinkfun

Real Working Knitting Machine from Young Explorers

Shut the Box from Young Explorers

iTrax Critical Thinking Game from Young Explorers

Simon from Young Explorers

Bungee Jumper from Young Explorers

Big Game Hunting from Young Explorers

LED Spin & Skip with Counter from Young Explorers

Flickerz Bullseye Game from Young Explorers

Tetris Link Game from Young Explorers

3-D Tic-Stac-Toe from Young Explorers

Knitting Machine from Young Explorers

Keva Brain Builders from Mindware

Eternas (3-d creative strategy game) from Museum Tour Toys


9 to 12 years

Original TEDCO Gyroscope by TEDCO Toys

Aerobie Skylighter Flying Disc by ova Design Group




Bocce Ball

Bop It Bounce 

Djubi by Aliquantum International

Kanoodle by Educational Insight

Wedgits Building Blocks 

Frisbees (Learn to play Frisbee Golf or Ultimate Frisbee - Great Family Fun!!!)

Blongo Ball by Blongo Ball

Izzi by Thinkfun


Extreme Dot to Dot Posters by Mindware

Extreme Dot to Dot: 3-d Edition  by Mindware

Spyro Gyro Art Kit by Mindware

Ballon Animals Kit

The Zoob Challenge by Mindware

Rush Hour by Thinkfun

Talking Electronic Chess Academy Tabletop Tutor from Young Explorers

Terzetto from Young Explorers

Talking Electronic Chess Academy Tabletop Tutor from Young Explorers

Freeze Up! from Young Explorers

Magnetic Madness Game from Young Explorers

Art Nouveau Workshop from Museum Tours Toys



Sky Island from HearthSong

Sunburst swing from Hearthsong

Buoy Ball Swing from Hearthsong

Rock-A-Bye Swing from Hearthsong (6 to 18 months)

Round and Round Swing from Hearthsong

Deluxe Platform Swing from Hearthsong

Glow Rider Zipline Kit from Young Explorers

Beginner Slackline Set from Young Explorers

HugglePod swings - you can get these from several places including Hearthsong

Rocking Hammock from Magic Cabin (ages 3 to 5, up to 95 lbs)


Cynthia Montana, MOT, OTR
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Dallas, Texas 75230
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SPOTS is the premier Sensory, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Occupational and Physical Therapy Center for Children in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Our main clinic and in school clinics (located at the private schools of Oakhill, Winston and Parish) meet a variety of theraputic needs for children in the Park Cities, Preston Hollow and North Dallas Area.  

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