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The SPCA of Texas announced its receipt of an $85,000 grant from PetSmart Charities, the leading funder of animal welfare in North America, to solely support the medical care and rehabilitation of pets in North Texas recovered from environments of cruelty and neglect such as hoarding, dogfighting, starvation and abandonment.

More specifically, this unique grant will support medical interventions, such as testing, vaccinations, microchipping, wellness medications, extenuating medical treatment and rehabilitation, for some 3,000 animals rescued from abuse. Grant funds are also allocated for upgrading laundry equipment to include a commercial washer and dryer for the Russell E. Dealey Animal Rescue Center. "The current washer and dryer do not have the capacity to handle the daily laundry need," said James Bias, President/CEO of the SPCA of Texas. "The increase in capacity allows SPCA of Texas volunteers to spend more quality time interacting and working on enrichment with these animals, instead of transporting laundry to offsite locations."

This grant will allow the SPCA of Texas to continue its work of providing every animal exceptional care and a loving home. The organization houses thousands of animals each year that are surrendered by their owners, rescued from abuse and displaced by natural and manmade disasters. Upon intake, rescued animals are brought to the Russell E. Dealey Animal Rescue Center where veterinary staff evaluate each animal and create individualized rehabilitation plans. After being medically rehabilitated, these animals are made available for adoption so that they may find their forever homes.

“Every pet deserves a safe and loving home however, sadly, this is not always the case. It’s not often an opportunity comes along to specifically help an especially vulnerable selection of the pet population – those who have experienced neglect and/or abuse,” said Kelly Balthazor, regional relationship manager at PetSmart Charities. “That’s why we are thrilled to lend our support to the SPCA of Texas through this grant, that will not only address the immediate medical needs of these pets, but also provide continued treatment and rehabilitation so these deserving pets can find their forever homes.”

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