(DALLAS, TX); August 28, 2021 – Today, Saturday, August 28, the SPCA of Texas relocated 32 unowned cats from the Humane Society of South Mississippi in preparation for the imminent arrival of Hurricane Ida.

Photos and videos of the cats transferred to the SPCA of Texas can be found here: 

Saturday morning, the SPCA of Texas deployed a team to Gulfport, Mississippi to pick up the cats from the Humane Society of South Mississippi, pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding between the organizations to provide disaster relief efforts. The SPCA of Texas relocated these cats to its Russell E. Dealey Animal Rescue Center in Dallas. This is in addition to 28 cats and kittens that were transported to the SPCA of Texas from Galveston County Animal Services on Friday, August 27.

"The SPCA of Texas is proud to partner with other animal welfare organizations and shelters to help animals impacted by natural disasters like Hurricane Ida" said Courtney Burns, Interim VP of Animal Welfare for the SPCA of Texas, "The animals transferred to us will be cared for and evaluated for adoption or placement on a case-by-case basis."

The animals that have been transferred to the SPCA of Texas will be evaluated by SPCA of Texas’ medical and behavior teams and will receive all the care they need. The SPCA of Texas hopes to place them up for adoption in the coming days and weeks. The SPCA of Texas encourages families interested in adding a pet to their home to consider adopting now. By adopting a pet from the SPCA of Texas, you will save that animals' life as well as open up space for another homeless pet in need. To see all pets the SPCA of Texas has available for adoption, please visit

Those who are unable to adopt should consider fostering a pet to assist the SPCA of Texas with animals currently in their shelters. By fostering an animal, you help create space for another animal in need of shelter and care at the SPCA of Texas. There are multiple ways to foster an animal for the SPCA of Texas, and all supplies are provided to foster families. Learn more about fostering for the SPCA of Texas at

To learn more about the SPCA of Texas, to help the SPCA of Texas fund future efforts like this and to support the SPCA of Texas' other programs and services, please visit or call 214-742-7722.
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