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Paws Cause 2017 Holiday Party Sparkles

Light from Ralph Lauren Holiday candles glinted off of the magnificent crystal chandelier gracing the entryway of the Ralph Lauren Boutique at Highland Park village on Wednesday, December 1, where ladies and gentlemen gathered in the holiday spirit to celebrate Paws Cause and shop for friends and family, all to benefit the SPCA of Texas. Guests sipped wine and champagne and nibbled decadent macarons as they browsed.

Sincere thanks to Susie Swanson for hosting and to the Ralph Lauren store for welcoming the festive crowd and for donating a portion of the proceeds from the event's sales to the SPCA of Texas. Many of the guests were spotted walking out with armfuls of beribboned boxes and bags!            

Guests included Honorary Chair Andrea Alcorn, steering committee member and heartbeat of Paws Cause 2017 Karen Urie, SPCA of Texas Board Chair Katy Murray, Susie Swanson, Diane Brierley, Gloria Snead, Penny Rivenbark, Judy Davis, Penny Patton, Kevin Coffey, Mary Spencer, Jocelyn White, Nancy Latner, Sharon Fancher, Steve Atkinson, Kristen Greenberg, SPCA of Texas President & CEO James Bias and SPCA of Texas Senior Vice President of Development Debra Burns.

Paws Cause will be held on Sunday, January 29, 2017 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center at 2400 Lone Star Drive in West Dallas. Paws Cause is committed to supporting the SPCA of Texas’ programs that aim to support the pets and people of South Dallas through sponsorships and donations to help address the serious stray animal and animal overpopulation issue. For more information, visit

Photos courtesy Thomas Garza Photography.

(L-R) Katy Murray, James Bias, Karen Urie
(L-R) Susie Swanson, Kevin Coffey
(L-R) Susie Swanson, Judy Davis
(L-R) Matt Patton, Penny Patton
(L-R) Susie Swanson, Karen Urie
(L-R) Susie Swanson, Curtis Gribble, Trinh Cao
(L-R) James Bias, Jocelyn White with Webster the C
(L-R) Twila Baker, Karen Urie, Nancy Corlett
(L-R) Penny Patton, Karen Urie
(L-R) Steve Atkinson, Kristen Greenberg, Mary Spen
(L-R) Susie Swanson, Carlye Zeringue
(L-R) Nancy Latner, Mary Spencer, Susie Swanson
(L-R) Karen Urie, Steve Atkinson, Mary Spencer
(L-R) Steve Atkinson, Kristen Greenberg, Mary Spen
Monday, December 5, 2016