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The Shelton School beehive installation occurred on Tuesday, March 25, introducing a colony of 10,000 bees to the campus.  

In order to enrich students' learning experiences and promote environmental awareness, Shelton is partnering with Alvéole to get a fully operational beehive nestled on its campus. This initiative aims to provide students with a hands-on opportunity to learn about the critical role bees play in our ecosystem and the importance of conservation efforts. 

Under the guidance of experienced beekeepers, students will have the opportunity to observe the bees up close, learn about their behavior and understand the intricate processes involved in honey production. Additionally, teachers plan to incorporate bee-related topics into various subjects, allowing for a multidisciplinary approach to learning throughout the divisions. Students will also be involved in creating the design on Shelton-branded honey jar labels. In addition, there will be beeswax candle-making. Lower School students collaborated on the construction of bee hotels made of bamboo and metal wire.

On March 26, Shelton second-grader Nora Grace Farmer proudly announced the chosen name for the Shelton Queen Bee: ElizaBee of the Shelton Bee Farm. The naming of the Queen Bee is sponsored by the Farmer family, including David, Barb, Justin, Ashley, Nora Grace, Emmerson and Holland. Thanks to the Shelton Parents' Association for making the beehive educational initiative happen.

Teachers Joe Mallick, Hunter Duesing and film students Brooks Hart and Payton Rudisill produced a video about the Shelton bee colony. Fifth-grader Yuval Tsaroya narrated the story

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