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Not only did Alisa and Ryan Richardson find academic support and help for their learning differences at Shelton, but they found each other. 

Alisa came to Shelton in eighth grade and Ryan started at Shelton in fifth grade, each grappling with their own learning differences — Alisa with ADHD and Dyslexia and Ryan with Dyslexia. They became best friends in eighth grade. 

After graduating from Shelton in 2005, Alisa majored in psychology at Oklahoma State University and Ryan majored in business at the University of Arkansas. The two became a couple after college and married in 2012. 

As their own family blossomed, Alisa and Ryan knew exactly where to turn for their children's education. Charlie Ann and Nolan followed in their parents' footsteps and are now students at Shelton. It was a decision rooted in the firm belief that Shelton provided not just an education but a foundation for success tailored to each child's needs. Second-grader Charlie Ann receives support for Auditory Processing and Dysgraphia, while fourth-grader Nolan receives support for Dyslexia.

Alisa has embraced the role of a stay-at-home mom while also taking on the leadership of a Shelton Girl Scout troop. Meanwhile, Ryan has established himself as the owner of Audi Dallas and Goodson Acura of Dallas. Reflecting on their parenting decisions, Alisa says, “We knew that the best thing we could do for our children was to start them off at Shelton from the beginning so they would have a solid foundation in place for their future educational journey.” 

Alisa shares insightful advice for parents navigating similar challenges: “Make your child’s learning difference their superpower,” she says. “Don’t let it burden them, but instead give them the tools to soar to unimaginable heights.”

It’s a Valentine’s love story. Alisa and Ryan's enduring bond, coupled with their positive outlook on learning differences, began to flourish during their formative years at Shelton, starting all the way back in eighth grade.

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