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Shelton third grader Claire McGehearty befriended 5-year-old Bushra of Afghanistan by sending videos  of herself reading books, including "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?." Claire started making videos for Bushra when Bushra's family was hiding in a safe house in Afghanistan and waiting to be rescued. Bushra is the child of the family that the McGehearty family rescued. Eric McGehearty's company, Globe Runner, partnered with a Dallas nonprofit to help give virtual employment to the people of Afghanistan, including Bushra's father, by building sustainable small businesses there. "There were days when we did not hear from the family and we were worried about their safety," says Claire's mother, Heather. "They were at a safe house for a month and could not go outside much. During that time Claire started making videos." Bushra's family recently arrived in Dallas after spending time in a U.S. military base, and the two girls met in person, had dinner and looked at holiday lights.

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