This article has been submitted by East Highland Park Residents Group.  The HP Town Council will meet on Tuesday, October 6 at 8am to discuss further consideration on the proposed Centennial Park.  Please share and voice your comments.

A Park For The Next Century In HP

A group of residents in East Highland Park have proposed Centennial Park
, a "pocket park", to the Town of Highland Park at the intersection of Mockingbird Lane (MBL) and Airline. The area in question encompasses 0.2 acres and currently is split in two by the SMU pocket park and SMU's new tennis center. The proposed park would create a continuous green space of over 1 acre and decrease exposure to vehicles for children, residents, and SMU students.

The area is unique in Highland Park as it is bordered by SMU to the North, IH 75 to the East and the Katy Trail to the South. The area is a "perfect storm" of users including moms in strollers, children, residents, cyclists, joggers, SMU students and cut through traffic. "The park is all about safety for our children, residents and neighbors and the name Centennial Park seemed perfect as we look towards preserving our neighborhood for the next 100 years, " stated Chris Westerheide. Added Belen Linton, "When SMU built all of those dorms, we have seen a tremendous increase in pedestrian traffic in the area. It is so dangerous for our children too as well as pedestrians. It is a matter of time before someone is hurt badly."

Traffic data compiled by engineers hired by the Town of HP shows an increase of traffic at north bound Airline and MBL of 62% and an increase of 46% at Airline and Katy Trail from the period 2013 to 2015. Given the proposed development of over 2500 apartments in the immediate area of the Katy Trail and East HP, it is expected that traffic will only increase in the area in the coming years.

Recently, the intersection of MBL and Airline/Bush was blocked off giving residents a trial sample of what it would be like if a park was installed. The traffic data showed a decrease of cars in the East HP area of over 900. "The engineers predicted a traffic Armageddon if Airline was blocked off. The opposite occurred. The neighborhood was safer, quiet with no negative impact to other streets," said Darcy Zarubiak, resident.

Park supporters launched a website in July and have been distributing yard signs. The website ( is averaging 60 visits per day and over 200 yard signs have been delivered. According to Van Arsdale, "based upon our data, over 70% of East HP residents support the proposed park. We have had multiple residents offer to make a financial donation for the cost of the park too. We believe the town would have minimal cost (if any). Clearly, the response has been overwhelming. The park is a great opportunity for the town to plan for the future"

The residents first proposed the idea of the park to Town Council and SMU in July. HP town council will meet on Tuesday, October 6th at 8am to further consider the proposed park. Residents are hopeful that the Town will move to approve the park and work on a timeline for installation in the coming months.

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The Park Cities Dad’s Club Teacher’s Cup Golf Classic is less than two weeks away and there are still a few spots left.  The tournament will be held this year at Dallas Country Club on Monday October 12th.

Many of you may not be aware that this tournament is the sole benefactor to the HPISD Teacher’s Fund which provides HPISD teachers the chance to pursue advanced learning courses and enrichment programs.  It is a great tournament that directly benefits the teachers and students of HPISD. 

Click here to register now, before the tournament fills up.


If you have any questions please contact tournament chairman Jonathan Filgo at 214-240-2129 or

Submitted by Jonathan Filgo

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At 6:30pm on Thursday September 24th, an adult bicyclist was hit by a car on Airline Road between Drexel and Mockingbird, requiring ambulance transfer to the hospital. See attached pics of the mangled bicycle and general scene. It appeared that the injury was not serious (luckily), but this obviously is the fear we have all been harboring. Had the injury occurred to a child, I do not believe the outcome would have been the same.  Submitted by Keith Van Arsdale and photos submitted by a Highland Park resident on the scene.

Interestingly, Keith is part of a group of Highland Park residents that have proposed HP Centennial Park at the intersection of Mockingbird and Airline. The park would create a continuos green space between the SMU tennis plaza and pocket park.  

Most importantly, the benefits would be to create a safer environment for children, residents, SMU students as well as runners/cyclists who use the Katy Trail. The grass roots group has close to 200 supporters and Yard signs for "Support The Park", are prevalent in East Highland Park.  To learn more visit:

If you would like support this grassroots effort, click here to sign an online "Voice Your Support" form

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Some of you have been wondering about the significance of the burgundy ribbons tied around the Park Cities and Preston Hollow.  

Those bows are in memory of Ebby Halliday Acers as a way to celebrate her life and the impact she has made on so many. Ebby had a simple saying that she lived by: "Do something for someone every day." Today, the burgundy ribbons are for Ebby.  

A memorial service to celebrate the life of Ebby Halliday Acers will be held on Thursday, Sept. 17, at 3 p.m. at Park Cities Baptist Church, 3933 Northwest Parkway, Dallas, TX 75225. For those unable to attend, the memorial service honoring Ebby will be live-streamed at, starting at 3 p.m. on Sept. 17.

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Dallas Summer Camp

My son has been taking Chess at school from "Mr. B" and has developed a strong passion for the game.  Herminio Baez teaches in many local area schools including ESD, Parish and Preston Hollow Presbyterian.

Mr. B is offering an afternoon mini chess camp and the details are as follows:

This camp is open to any student who is a a novice player - he knows how the pieces move and how to castle but would like to know what comes next! 

Limited to 14 Students - 1st Grade - 4th Grade

Dates:  June 19 - 21
4:30 - 6:00pm
Price:  $165.00

Camp Location:

1701 N. Greenville Avenue, Unit 8 - Suite 805
Richardson, Texas 75080


Herminio Baez
12235 Center Court Drive
Dallas, Texas 75243



For 23 years, I have lived in the Park Cities and realize how fortunate I have been to be a part of such a giving community. Many in our neighborhood volunteer tireless hours and support many different causes in both time and financial support.

Your phone is getting ready to ring with volunteers asking you to support the Park Cities Family YMCA Annual Campaign and I wanted to give you the heads up with the gossip at hand.  

The word on the street is that the YMCA is so flush with money that they are building a new facility.

This is gossip, and over the summer, I actually bought into it.

Like many families in the Park Cities, my kids got their start in sports at the Y. Robert, my oldest son (22), learned to swim and played soccer, football and baseball through the Park Cities Y. Now, I am repeating it again with my son Jack (7), and during swimming lessons over the summer, my eyes were opened as to how much more the Park Cities YMCA actually does.

Guess what I didn’t know about the Park Cities YMCA:

I don’t want to over-simplify, but think of three different buckets — they just all happen to be budgets.

  • Our membership fees are used to support the staff and the operating budget.  

  • The capital campaign is used only to support the cost of the new building.

Yes, I have heard the pros and cons, but let’s face it, that building had served its purpose and needed an overhaul. The parking alone will be a blessing! I can’t tell you how many times I cruised that parking lot for a space and then ditched to go to Bubba’s!  

  • The annual campaign is used to support programs.

Guess what I didn’t know about the Annual Campaign?

For me, while watching Jack at swim lessons and trying to avoid a Texas sunburn, I met Bobby Timmer and Roger Moon. They had just come back from “Make A Splash,” a free water safety instruction program for tenants in apartment complexes who can’t afford the trip to the Y, much less the cost of swim lessons, at a complex near Love Field. And guess what? This is just one of the programs subsidized through the annual campaign.

  • Nearly $160,000 of the annual campaign is used for membership subsidies for more than 1,500 families.

  • More than $70,000 of the annual campaign is used for the Active Older Adults program, helping those who normally cannot afford the Y services.

  • Thousands of children are subsidized through the annual campaign for youth sports and camp programs so that no child is ever turned away because of the inability to pay.

  • The Adaptive Aquatic program, instruction for those with disabilities, is subsidized by the annual campaign to offer both children and adults free swim lessons.

  • The Annual Campaign list goes on and on…

Guess what?

The time I spent watching Jack fine tune his swimming skills “made a splash” in our checkbook, but fortunately the expense is tax deductible and makes an impact on our neighborhood.  

Secondly, I am asking you to donate to our neighborhood YMCA by clicking here. Please remember to allocate your donation to the Park Cities Branch.

Here are a couple of examples of programs where the generosity of annual donors impacts our community of children and families.

  • Sponsor the Make A Splash Program – safety swim instruction for an entire complex - $1,500
  • Sponsor a Basketball Team – 6 children - $1,000

  • Sponsor Swim Lessons – Eight lessons per child - $410

  • Sponsor Swim Team – Competitive swimming for the beginner per child - $235

  • Sponsor Dallas Summer Musicals – Children have the opportunity to act in a musical - $529

  • Sponsor Glide and Ride – Teach a child to ride a bike, three 45 minute lessons - $175

  • Sponsor Basketball – A season of basketball per child - $159

  • Sponsor Adaptive Gymnastics – One session per child - $240

  • Sponsor Family Membership Park Cities – $71 per month

Thank you in advance and help us spread the word. Please share!  

Saffie Leedy Farris
Founder & Publisher •
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Although Roma’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant isn't new to the area, it's brand new to me and is also a new BubbleLife advertiser. We decided to take advantage of this week’s “20 percent off entire check” promotion and give it a try. 

Having lived in the Park Cities for more than 20 years, I’m embarrassed to say I’d never been to Roma’s before today. I’ve driven by it a thousand times when heading to Calloway’s, but never stopped in.

We ordered a variety of things including baked ziti, stromboli, chicken marsala, vegetarian pizza and their famous Italian wedding soup. Of course, I sampled everything and vote that the baked ziti is my personal favorite. Matt devoured his pizza in about five minutes, so I only got to taste the crust. He said he’s never ordering from Pizza Hut again. That’s right, Roma’s delivers.

Roma’s is family-owned, and the pride of the family shines through the recipes. The pizza dough was baked fresh, as well as the garlic dinner rolls. Both were outstanding. Best of all, like I mentioned before, they deliver.

Compared to Macaroni Grill (where I had a disappointing lunch last week), the prices are very affordable and the food tasted like it was cooked in a real Italian home kitchen. Believe me, this is not the meal you'd get at a chain Italian restaurant. Everything is homemade and fresh.

Watch BubbleLife over the next couple of weeks for Roma's holiday offers.


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