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Did you know BubbleLife has free classified ads?  

  • We will send your classified ad out one time to your local community network via our email newsletter.  

To get started, you should know that your local community has an email newsletter and an online news website.  

  • Your community news website is your hub to share news, events and classifieds with the neighborhood network.
  • Your email newsletter is a digest of new articles from your last 24-hour news cycle

How do I get to my community news website?

How do I post a free classified ad?

  • Go to your BubbleLife Community News Website
  • Click the yellow button (on the top right side of the page) — “Share News, Events & Classifieds"
  • A box will open and you will have three choices - Click "Classified"
  • You will be prompted to log in.  
  • If you don't remember your password, click the "Forgot Password" link under the Log In button. Note: If you receive a daily newsletter, you have an account. 
  • If are not a member yet, then click "Need an account? It's free!"

Fill out your details.

  1. You will notice a box at the top of the classified. Fill it out and a drop down box will appear for additional details.
  2. Once complete, click "Submit."

If you need to edit your classified (editing is only available after approval):

  1. Return to "Classifieds" by clicking the side menu under "Local."
  2. Click on your ad, then click the "More" button and click "Edit."
  3. Once complete, click "Submit."

What type of exposure do I get for free? 

Once your classified ad is approved, it will appear on the news website for seven (7) days and will be sent out one (1) time in the daily newsletter for your community.



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