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Please see updated information regarding Poncho from Burger House, provided by Kelly Walker: 

As you know, early last week Poncho had been diagnosed with brain damage.  Upon further examination by the doctors,  it was determined that he was partially paralyzed on his left side. The extent and duration of the paralysis was as yet unknown. 

Thankfully, this week is a very different story.

On Friday, Poncho was able to completely move his left side with no lingering signs of paralysis.  In addition, he is able to speak clearly and has no apparent loss of memory.  The doctors now feel confident enough to complete the work needed to be done to his heart.  Poncho’s heart attack was caused by two main arteries being blocked, one that had 100% blockage and the other which had 85% blockage. Thankfully, his son Nathan performed CPR on his Dad which the doctors stated saved Poncho’s life.  Today, they plan to insert a stent where the blockage exists in one of the arteries.  

This is all clearly very positive news for Poncho and his family.  Once the stents have been placed and he recuperates from the procedures, the doctors will then solidify his path for rehabilitation.  Poncho shared on Sunday that he has felt every prayer and appreciates all that our community is doing for he and his family.

Your overwhelming kindness, compassion and prayers are making a difference. 

Poncho’s progress is a direct result of your prayers, however he is not out of the woods yet.  Please continue to keep Poncho and his family in your prayers and if you haven’t considered making a contribution to his fund I would encourage you to do so. In addition, please forward this link to your friends and ask for them to support Poncho and his family.

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