I hate complainers.

I just got off the phone with yet another reader who wanted us to take down an article because it expressed an opinion they did not agree with. I'm sorry, but we are not Fox News or MSNBC, and we do not cater our news to a specific audience as many major news sources do. Heads up — your favorite cable news outlets provide "silos" of news and don't expose you to new or alternative ideas. We are not cable news! BubbleLife is unique; as a local publication, we foster communication with news from a variety of sources and community contributions. 

BubbleLife is not pro or con on any issue. We are pro-neighborhood. Our mission is to provide a forum for people to see a range of news and hear a variety of opinions and voices for their community. Whether your opinion is mainstream or fringe, we feel you have the right to express yourself. And, we believe neighborhoods are stronger when everyone has a voice.

So, next time you see something you disagree with, don’t bother asking us to remove it from our publication. Instead, feel free to get on your keyboard and write a response that helps people understand your viewpoints.

Here Is What You Can Do:

Your BubbleLife Email Newsletter has a BubbleLife News Website, which is the community hub. Here, you can have your news and opinions published online and in email.

At the top of your email newsletter is a “Visit Website” link — click to go to your website. Click this link for a full directory.

  1. Find the article and comment on it. There is a comment box at the bottom. 
  2. Write your own opinion or news article, and submit using the instructions below.

How to Submit an Article or Opinion:

  • Go to your community BubbleLife News Website.
  • Click "Share News, Events & Classifieds" button on the right.

Click here for a quick video with step-by-step instructions.

How to Start a Private Neighborhood Discussion:

  • Go to your community BubbleLife News Website.
  • Look on the left under "Local" and click "Discussions."

Frequently Asked Question & Important Links:


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