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I have been crazy about banana peppers ever since I had a bite of a friend's pizza that he had ordered with double banana peppers. I guess I have rediscovered them and keep a jar on hand at all times!  Here is a good change of pace for scrambled eggs:


2 eggs

1 slice of 2% cheese (Pepper / Monterey Jack or American)

*1/4 cup (or to taste) jarred, sliced banana peppers

oil for cooking

salt and pepper

Tabasco or hot sauce (optional)


With a whisk, beat eggs in a medium bowl; tear pieces of cheese and add to eggs; add banana peppers; salt & pepper to taste. 

Heat a small skillet on low heat. When hot, add oil and heat for a few moments; add egg mixture to skillet and slow cook until desired temperature. (I like my eggs soft scrambled and usually take them off the stove while the eggs are still somewhat moist.) Sprinkle with hot sauce if desired. These eggs are great with bacon - the vinegar from the banana peppers and the saltiness of the bacon are a good match. Serve with grapefruit juice. If you are on beta blockers and can't drink grapefruit juice, serve with Champagne.

1 serving. If you open the Champagne, better find another breakfast buddy or a good Champagne stopper.


* Do not confuse banana peppers with Pepperoncinis. The latter tend to be spicy while banana peppers are quite mild. Buy them pre-sliced in a jar - in the pickle aisle of your supermarket.

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