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On Saturday, we hosted our 7th annual Pumptoberfest party, a celebration of all things pumpkin!  Even though I arrived from Texas on Friday night, a quick vacuum of the house and some store-bought pumpkin ravioli got us in the party mood.  Plus, Pumptoberfest is a potluck and I knew our friends would bring some great pumpkin goodies.  More on that in another post!

The party is decidedly less wild than it has been- think coloring pumpkin placemats with toddlers instead of Smashing Pumpkin shots with 20 somethings.

Pumpkin Beer Round Up | #pumpkin #beer

That’s not to say there weren’t any adult beverages.  Plenty of pumpkin beer was passed around!

Click here for the rest of the post: Pumpkin Beer Round Up!

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