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Saffie Farris



2 pounds 10X (sifted) powdered sugar (i.e., Imperial)

2 cups regular Crisco (not butter flavored)

½ total liquid – includes:

            3 teaspoons Adams Extract clear vanilla

            1 teaspoon Magic Line artificial almond flavor emulsion *

            2 teaspoons Magic Line artificial butter flavor **

            Water to fill ½ cup

            ½ teaspoon fine salt, dissolved in liquid


Beat with electric mixer until just blended. 



Recipe by Ann Pask




NOTE:      Magic Line flavors are available at Cake Carousel (east side of Central

Expressway service road north of Arapaho).  Cake Carousel can be

reached at 972/690-4638.  Magic Line flavors are manufactured for

Parrish’s Cake Decorating Supplies, at 310/324-2253. 


*     does not contain almond/nuts

**   does not contain butter/milk

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