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Park City Club
5956 Sherry Ln #1700
Dallas, Texas 75225

The Public Affairs Luncheon Club


Sergeant Michael Mata

President, Dallas Police Association

Monday, May 20, 2019 12:00 p.m.


Sergeant Michael Mata was elected 3rd Vice President in 2013 and also worked as a Dallas Police Association Responder for DPA members involved in shootings or any other type of critical incident prior to becoming President. He believes it to be his responsibility, and the responsibility of the Executive Board, to work diligently to protect the rights and the future of DPA members and the officers of the Dallas Police Department.

Sgt. Mata is a 24 plus year veteran with the Dallas Police Department and is currently Patrol Sergeant at Northeast Division. He worked previously at the Major Crimes Division, Dallas Police Academy, Southeast, Central, and Northeast Patrol Stations.

Sgt. Mata is a graduate of Sam Houston State University with a BS in Criminal Justice & Public Service. His family includes wife, Ellen; son, Jackson; and daughter, Katie.

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