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Providence students sing at Great Hall dedication.

With trumpets, hand bells, and hearts full of gratitude, Providence Christian School of Texas opened and dedicated its renovated Great Hall, one of the most significant spaces on the School's campus. Built in 1957 as Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, this 14,000-square-foot historic building is still being used today for Chapel services and much more.  Providence purchased the property in 1999 and proceeded to renovate the campus, but little was done, until now, to update the Great Hall.   As part of its “Building on our Past, Sustaining our Future” capital campaign, renovation to the Great Hall started in June 2017 and will be finished in April 2018, thanks to MYCON, CMA architects, and Providence Board member Syd Hurley who oversaw construction.    

According to Providence Headmaster Jeff Hendricks, “The Great Hall is one of the most important places at our school to teach spiritual formation and character development through worship. Our mission is to cultivate in children a love for what is good, true, and excellent, so it’s essential to provide them an experience of excellence—down to the environment and atmosphere—if we are going to train them to love worshipping God.”

Providence also utilizes the Great Hall for many community events, such as its Book Fair, Open House, guest speakers, theatrical productions, Parents’ Council events, Living History Days, Fine Arts Days, and eighth grade graduation.

In the Great Hall, the following renovations were completed or are in process:

  • More than 100 additional seats were added by restoring the balcony.
  • A new sound and video system, stage lighting, acoustic treatments, and retractable video screen are being installed.
  • Catering kitchen and storage areas for school events have been added.
  • Restrooms have been updated.
  • Exterior walls have been repaired and new, beautiful windows installed.

With the support of current and alumni families, students, grandparents, and foundations, the “Building on our Past, Sustaining our Future” campaign has raised $7 million to date. Campaign Co-chairs were Laura and Tommy McBride. The team included Meredith and Kyle Bebee, Linda and Mark Clifton, Katherine and Billy Diehl, Lacey and Robert Dobrient, Mimi and Ben Herd, Angela and Kelley Kackley, Chamlee and Campbell Lewis, Erin and Scott McNeill, Meredith and Chris Messick, Allison and Sean Moore, Cherry and Scott Morris, Jennifer and Gene Richardson, Kristen and Whit Roberts, Jamie and Jeremy Saylor, Sarah and Thad Smith, Laura and Chris Thomason, Rebecca and Scott Whitaker, Shanin and Bryan Wilburn, and Michele and Greg Young.

The capital campaign funded other substantial renovations throughout Providence's campus, including:

  • A new HVAC system, new windows, new roof, and waterproofing for the Lower School building;
  • A synthetic sport turf surface on the Providence Field, a new scoreboard, bleachers, along with leveling and drainage improvements. 

Serving preschool to 8th grade students, Providence Christian School of Texas provides academically able students with a challenging educational experience designed to help them know, love, and practice that which is true, good, and excellent, and to prepare them to live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man.  Providence’s core values are faith, family, intellect, virtue, and stewardship.  More information can be found by calling 214.302.2800 or by visiting

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