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In today’s global economy, the jet-setting executive is becoming increasingly common. But behind the glamorous façade of first class upgrades, impressive expense accounts, fancy dinners and expensive hotels is an ongoing and time-consuming regimen of detailed receipt keeping, expense reports managing and logistical early morning or red eye scheduling that can feel like a second full-time job. 

The experienced business traveler develops tricks that streamline the traveling process, one of which is utilizing a limousine/sedan service. Many Dallas corporations -- large and small -- have corporate accounts with Premier Transportation of Dallas, offering the traveling executive a reprieve from some of the job-related hassles. 

Reduce the number of reimbursements
Keeping track of travel expenses is a necessary but tedious detail of the road warrior’s life. Gas mileage, gas receipts and garage parking must all be detailed in order for reimbursement. The less money out-of-pocket and the fewer details executives have to track, the better. Premier Transportation will send an itemized bill directly to your corporate account.

Make productive use of travel time
Premier offers the traveling executive additional time for productivity. Rather than driving, parking and walking to the airport gate, executives can catch up on emails, talk on the phone, prepare for meetings or simply just rest. 

Arrive On Time
Premier Transportation chauffeurs are continuously notified of traffic conditions and can choose alternate routes to the airport when necessary. They can also track the flight status and gate and terminal designations so that passengers are delivered to or picked up from the correct gate location.

Last Minute Needs
Busy corporate travelers need ground transportation they can count on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Premier staff is always there to answer the phones or emails in person – you never receive a recording or answering service.  When flights are delayed or cancelled due to weather or other factors, Premier staff tracks these changes and adjusts pickup schedules accordingly.  And when the executive has a last minute request for transportation, Premier can handle it.

Premier offers a service that is efficient, economical and a smart solution for eliminating the hassle of executive airport travel.  Give Premier Transportation of Dallas a call at 214 351-7000 or visit our website at