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When Premier Transportation says we go the extra mile for our clients, we really mean it. We believe our success is completely dependent upon their satisfaction. Therefore, we take extra steps to ensure that our customers know we are looking out for them. Our clients often have tight schedules, so ensuring that they safely get to their destinations on time is our top priority. We are constantly trying to think of new and improved ways to keep them on schedule. In order to help our clients, we have developed and recently implemented our Greeter Program! Read on learn all about the Premier Transportation Greeter Program and how it can help you.

Did you know that the DFW airport has a total area of 17,207 acres? It is actually the second largest airport in the United States, and travelers discover this most often when they try to catch their connecting flights! The DFW airport is the third busiest airport in the world by way of aircraft movements and is the largest hub for American Airlines, which has headquarters close to the airport. These factors, combined with the fact that DFW has service to over 200 destinations, means that landing in the DFW airport can be extremely confusing.

In particular, for people who are new to the DFW airport, it can be very frustrating to try to find where the baggage claim for their flight is, or the spot where they are supposed to meet their chauffeurs. Traveling is already difficult and confusing. You have to pick the right bag, pack it properly, go through security, make it to your flight on time, and then get to your destination. The process of traveling is difficult, so Premier Transportation decided to come up with a way to help travelers arriving at the DFW Airport get to their destination easier. Thus, the Premier Transportation Greeter Program was developed.

The Premier Transportation Greeter Program is a program in which a group of people are employed by Premier Transportation to stay at the DFW airport all day and assuage the issues of traveling for customers. Having someone to welcome you to the airport, give directions, and help direct you to the proper place to meet your chauffeur makes the process of arriving, getting luggage, and heading to your end destination all the more easier. The Greeters are there to ease the process that is often made so difficult by the confusing layout of airports, or the frustrations of executive traveling in general.

More than a Greeter

The Airport Assist Representatives shouldn’t be defined by their titles, however. They do so much more than just greet clients. They are able to easily navigate the airport that they know so well in order to get the client to the proper place at the proper time. They are in communication with the chauffeurs, so they can get the chauffeurs to come to the right place to pick up clients as well. Airport Assist Representatives coordinate arrivals of chauffeurs and arrivals of clients and help merge the two in order to streamline the traveling process. The Premier Transportation Greeter Program is just one more way that Premier Transportation is proactively working to prevent mistakes.

Premier Transportation takes many steps to prevent mix-ups or mistakes. These preemptive measures are a major part of why Premier is so valued by current customers. Premier Transportation’s dispatch team monitors the status of client’s flights and makes sure that the chauffeurs know if the flight is going to be delayed. This helps chauffeurs know when they are expected by the client, and allows them to arrive on time. While mistakes will happen, as they will in any business, Premier Transportation has developed measures such as the Premier Transportation Greeter Program to help prevent these mistakes.

Our desire to see our clients reach their destinations in safety and style is vital to our continuation as a successful company. If you would like to make a reservation with a company so dedicated to their clients that they will create an entire program to ensure they reach the vehicles properly, please contact us!

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