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In the Park Cities, July and August are the busiest travel times of the year, and with that travel comes fun. But before the fun begins, your trip requires a lot of planning, packing and orchestrating of details. One detail that can put even the most patient of people into a state of frustration is getting to and from the airport, which is fraught with complications. A limousine or transportation service, provided by Premier Transportation, is a simple, cost-effective and smart solution for eliminating the many complications that accompany your family’s airport departure and return.

Arrive On Time

Using a limo service ensures that your family arrives at the airport on time, with no need to allow time for parking or lugging baggage through three tiers of parking. An airport transfer service delivers your family straight to the curb, and your driver works directly with the curbside baggage check-in.

For those traveling with small children, Premier Transportation provides an infant or toddler booster seat service, ensuring your child’s safety en route to the airport.

Premier Transportation also outfits its drivers with technology to be continuously notified of traffic conditions.  By knowing the traffic on 635, and area highways, your driver can choose alternate routes to the airport when necessary.  Drivers also track the flight status, gate and terminal designations so that passengers are delivered to their exact gate.

Eliminate the Hassles of Airport Parking

Limo service eliminates the numerous hassles of airport parking, which requires that you arrive at the airport up to an additional hour in advance just to park, unload your car and cart your family’s 8 to 10 pieces of luggage through the maze of parking and possible shuttles. For families traveling with small children, this can be a daunting task.

Due to the expense of airport parking, many families opt for off-site parking, which means unpacking the car, waiting for the shuttle to arrive, loading up the shuttle and riding through the airport making numerous stops to accommodate other fellow travelers, all in 100+ degree temperature. And of course, you must do this all over again when you arrive home, exhausted from your vacation.

Premier Transportation offer a variety of vehicles to choose from: Sedans, SUVs, Limo Buses and, of course, Limousines. This summer, consider keeping your car at home, parked securely in your own garage, and allow yourself the pleasure of being delivered to the airport on time without the stress and chaos associated with airport travel. 

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Let your vacation begin the minute you walk out your front door!