PediaQ LLC

There are many reasons parents are attached to their iPhones. It’s a phone, a camera, a mini PC and an excellent babysitter while dining in a restaurant. The on-demand apps are now family essentials for TV, food delivery and transportation. Now, there is a local app for Dallas pediatric house calls!

PediaQ offers on-demand, in-home healthcare services by trained nurse practitioners, available around the clock through the company’s iPhone app. Much like Uber, users confirm their location and request service, all through the PediaQ app.

PediaQ’s nurse practitioners spend a minimum of 30 minutes with children to understand their ailments and determine treatment options. Comparable in price to an urgent care visit, PediaQ ensures fast, reliable treatment when your child is feeling his or her worst without leaving your home.

Visit the PediaQ website to learn more about its services and download the free app from the iTunes Store here.

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