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Laura has been a real estate agent for over ten years in which she compiled hundreds of contacts, all saved in outlook on her computer. She had recently signed contracts and other important documents stowed away on her hard drive. One day she woke up to this message on her computer screen: “Your files are encrypted by CryptoWall. To decrypt files you have to pay $500. If payment is not made in one weeks the cost of decrypting files will increase two times and will be $1000.”

“What?! This can’t be true.” She thought as she fooled around with her computer only to come to this brutal conclusion: all her files and contacts were being held ransom! 10 years of hard work and sourcing, all lost forever. This would take years to recoup all that information. The simple fact is that Laura is one of ten people who get infected with a virus each month. She finally gave in and paid the ransom, and that didn’t work either. She called Partner I.T. who was able to help after hours of labor. This ended up costing Laura over $1000 and could have been prevented for less than the cost of dinner at your favorite restaurant. If Laura had a backup solution and antivirus/firewall, she wouldn’t have even known what Cryptowall was.

Don’t be caught spending your hard earned money to get back your data or never see your data again. Even in this day and age, 30% of users still have not backed up their data! Are your one of them? If you are, take the pledge to implement a backup solution on “World Backup Day” at and give Partner I.T. a call to help you set it up. Check out the video below for even more information.

Surf safe and back up often!                                                                


T.J. Reilly

(Formerly Direct Connect Computer Troubleshooters)

Director of Operations

3407 McFarlin Blvd.

214-363-6013 |



What would you do if you lost everything? from Sam Mularczyk on Vimeo.

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