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Red hot flamenco, featuring , Paco de Andrea, will sear the stage at in the Cedars in an enchanting night of Authentic Flamenco. Six International artists from Spain, Cuba and Venezuela will take the audience on a journey through a wide range of emotions, from the elegant and joyous "Alegrias" to "Siguiriyias" the dance of death.
An all star cast of dancers and musicians will take the stage in an intimate setting that suits the art from so well.  Up close and personal is the best way to see the intricacies of flamenco foot work and guitar. The stunning prowess of these world class artists will leave you breathless. Do no miss some of Spain's greatest right here in DFW!!!
The 9th annual Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival spans the entire month of October with events every week around Bishop Arts and The Cedars. Each event highlights the mesmerizing musical and dance arts of Southern Spain. Producer Julia Alcantara  boasts 25 year career in top quality flamenco productions and her non profit Flamenco Fever is at the helm of this incredible line up
Paco De Andrea: Granada
Graciela Santana:  Havana - Cuba
Andrea Prieto Rodríguez: Sevilla
Producer - Julia Alcántara:  Dallas 
Juan Pedro Jimenez: ( Singer/guitarist) Cadiz
Marcos Bastian: (Singer/Guitarist) Sevilla
Luckie “Abejorro” (Cajon y Baile)
Edmundo Urdaneta (Percussion) Venezuela 
Get your tickets here:
Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival Music Show 
Saturday October 21
Doors 7:30pm, Start 8:00pm
Poor David's Pub - Dallas, TX
Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival GRAND FINALE - Starring Paco de Andrea
Saturday October 28
Doors 7:30pm, Start 8:00pm
Edison's - Dallas, TX
About Julia Alcántara
Ms. Alcántara has brought the best of flamenco music and dance to North Texas since 1998. She is a native Texan who has performed in more than 90 cities nationally who  began studying the art of flamenco after graduating from high school. Ida y Vuelta Flamenco is Dallas' Premier flamenco dance company producing over 60 shows a year with the requisite live music. She attended the renowned 'National Institute She receives rave reviews in D Magazine, The Dallas Morning News and is often televised on shows such as Good Morning Texas.
About Paco De Andrea: Bailaor (Male Dancer, Granada)
Francisco Fernández Pérez, better known as "Paco De Andrea", was born into a gypsy family in Granada, Spain but grew up in Nice, France. He trained as a flamenco dancer in the tablaos in Granada, where they stand out for their strength and elegance in their dance, he is often compared to Antonio Canales, Los Farrucos and Manolete among others. In his career he is part of various casts of flamenco, highlighting the company by Juan Andrés Maya, and has made several tours as a soloist in the United States, Japan, Russia, Siberia, Iceland, Germany, France and Mongolia. He will soon debut his own company in Spain.
About Juan Pedro Jimenez ( Singer/guitarist) 
A native of Cadiz in the South of Spain, was raised performing with the gypsy family Romeros de Vejer. A singer and guitarist, he studied music at the Royal Conservatory, and learned from Flamenco singer José Anillo, Calixto Sánchez, and guitarists such as Victor Rosa, Tito Alcedo and Rafael Segura Torres (Faluky). Since graduating from the Conservatory, Juan Pedro has gone on to work with such artists as Toñi Romero, Susana Romero, Ana Polanco, Selu del Puerto. And recently with Javier Heredia at Alegrías en la Nacional in New York City. He currently collaborates with local Flamenco artists and can be seen performing regularly in the Tri-State area. In recent years, has toured the Ferias de Sevilla, Jerez, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Sanlucar, Algeciras and Córdoba. He has also played in El Rocio with the Hermandad de Jerez, and in Peñas Flamencas and Festivals throughout the Province of Cádiz.
About Graciela Santana(Gracy): Havana, Cuba:   
Her passion for dance began at the age of eight in the vocational workshops of the prestigious company El Ballet Español de Cuba. In it she rose to become the first ballerina and teacher specializing in the four genres of Spanish dance. She performed on large stages, television shows, radio interviews, conferences, and national and international festivals. Her art has been transported to different stages in Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Turkey, with rave results. She has participated in  well-known artists’ classes such as Manolo Marín, Israel Galván, Eva yerbabuena, Javier Barón, Pastora Galván, María Juncal, Francis Núñez, as well as Jose Manuel Carreño, the first dancer of the National Ballet of Cuba and the Royal Ballet. She has had the great opportunity to share the stage as their main figure in the work of Carmen. Gracy is an interpreter, teacher, and choreographer who highlights the different genres of Spanish dance and who innovates in dance with a new aesthetic, personal, and modern concept.
About Marcos Bastian Singer/Guitarist
Marcos Bastion was born in Sevilla into family of flamenco artists. At the age of 8 he entered the Alcalá de Guadaira Conservatory to study classical music. He holds an intermediate degree as a flamenco singer at the Cristóbal de Morales Conservatory and has been working throughout Spain since he was 15 years old in tablaos, theaters. He has toured acriss Spain and Europe performing in Finland, DuBai Music Hall with artist like 'La Tania', David 'El Galli', Antonio Marseille, Ezequiel Reina
ABOUT Andrea Prieto Rodríguez:
Andrea Prieto Rodríguez, was born in Seville on September 21, 1996. At the age of four she began to dance at the Loida Valle Dance School in Dos Hermanas, where she took ballet and flamenco classes.  At the age of 14, she entered the professional dance conservatory of Seville "Antonio Ruíz Soler" specializing in Flamenco Dance, where she took classes with dancers such as Francis Núñez, Pepa Coral, Miguel Ángel Corbacho, Ana Moya, Carmen Ledesma, Rubén Olmo, among others.  After finishing her professional studies, in 2016 she moved to Malaga to begin her higher studies at the Superior Dance Conservatory of Malaga "Ángel Pericet", where she continued her training in Dance Pedagogy and Flamenco Dance.  In 2017 she will start working in the Malaga Company "Silencio Danza" by Nieves Rosales, where she will be a performer and dancer;  She in the En “El Hueco de Mis Costillas (Hollow of My Ribs) (2017), It does “No Amanece en Génova”  (2018) and Las Furias (2021). After completing her higher dance studies, she graduated with a Master's Degree in Research and Study of Flamenco.
About  Luckie “Abejorro” 
Luckie is the greatest supporter of Ms Alcantara’s work. A multi-skilled counterpart to match the diverse talents of Ms. Alcantara, this dynamic duo has spawned hundreds of cultural productions in Dallas and beyond. His experience as a musician is invaluable to making things run smoothly. Over the past eight years, Mr. Johnson has done everything from cooking paella, running sound, playing cajon, and dancing in the show. Because of his participation in the last eight residencies, he will made his debut this year as Dallas’ newest flamenco guitarist.