Last April, three Highland Park grads and one First Baptist grad premiered the film "Beware of Christians" in Dallas at the Lakewood Theater and at local colleges, inlcuding Texas A&M and Baylor.  Tasha Hayton, from the DMN wrote an article about the Dallas premiere.  
After the local premieres, the filmmakers, Michael Allen, Will Bakke, and Alex Carroll formed Riot Studios and shopped the film to national distributors.  In a decision of whether or not to continue pursuing a third-party distribution partner, the filmmakers decided that it was best to self-distribute the film.  They took to the internet and began raising the funds necessary for a promotional tour on the site,
Recently, former WFAA Film critic Gary Cogill has teamed up with Riot Studios on their national tour and distribution release.  Since leaving WFAA, Cogill has formed his own production company, LasCaux Films. (DMN article: "Beware of Christians" is the first collaboration between Riot Studios and LasCaux Films.  Gary Cogill and his team are now Executive Producers of the film.  
Attached is a press release for the kick-off event next Thursday, February 10th at the Magnolia Theater.  The screenings at 5PM, 7PM, and 9PM are free admission and the cast will be on-hand at the event.  Riot Studios will be offering the DVD's for "Beware of Christians" and their other feature film, "One Nation Under God" for Name-Your-Own-Price after each screening.
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Kelsey Malmquist

Kelsey Malmquist
Riot Studios, LLC.

Riot Studios’ mission is to create film, music, art, books, and other media that is honest, creative, and God-glorifying.  We commit all of our resources, talents, and efforts to furthering the Kingdom of God rather than creating personal or corporate wealth, power, or fame.
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