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Shelton's experienced Varsity Football Defensive Coordinator Ed Barry is Shelton's new Varsity Football Coach. He has been Shelton's Varsity Football Defensive Coordinator for eight years. He also coached the discus and shot put in Shelton's Track program. Previously, Barry was the Defensive Coordinator at Legacy High School in Mansfield from 2007-2014 and Defensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Football Coach at Lake Highlands High School from 1993-2007. In addition, he was Special Teams Coordinator, Linebackers Coach and Track Coach at North Garland High School from 1981-1992.

“I would like to build a tradition of respect at Shelton,” he says. “My goal is to develop young athletes to believe in themselves and to instill the kind of discipline that will help them through difficult times in their lives.”

In football, Barry has coached in 50 playoff games at the 5A and 4A levels, three State semi-finals, five quarter-finals and five District championships. He also coached four linebackers who graduated from Yale University and four players who played in the NFL. In addition, Barry coached more than 30 players who played Division 1 college football. In Track, he coached an athlete who competed in the Olympics and a high school girls record holder in the discus. 

Barry was a Richardson Independent School District Top Ten Teacher of the Year in 1998. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Education from Stephen F. Austin State University.

Shelton’s 2022-2023 Varsity Football Coach was 
Marco Rivera. Previously, Rivera served as Shelton's Interim Athletic Director. He was also Shelton's Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach for seven years. 

Q&A with Varsity Football Coach Ed Barry

What's your coaching philosophy? 
I would like to develop young athletes to believe in themselves in a way that will carry over to the rest of their lives. I also want to instill in them the kind of discipline that will help them through difficult times.

What aspects of coaching do you enjoy the most?
Watching young people find the better part of themselves through competition and teamwork.

What are your plans for the football team?
I would like to build a tradition of respect for our program and the Shelton community. 

When will the team start practicing and preparing?
We will start spring training on May 1. This will last for two weeks and conclude with a scrimmage, depending on the number of players and the amount of knowledge we have absorbed with our new systems.

How can the community support you and the team?
Be supportive, positive, show up and be loud.

What do you like about working at Shelton?
I love the kids, the amazing staff and the facilities.

What is one of your favorite memories about working at Shelton?
Athletically speaking, it is seeing our kids’ faces celebrating when we win and earn respect! Also, moving into the new building was invigorating!

What teacher had the most impact on you and why?

My mother. She taught, by choice, for many years in the poorest school district in Texas. She could have taught anywhere but chose to give back to those who needed it the most. She was an innovator in the world of reading for learning-different students. I was the recipient of much of that innovation.