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HPSA 2004 Girls Team

The Highland Park Soccer Academy (HPSA) and guest players braved the elements in its preparation for the spring season and took the League Challenge Youth Soccer Tournament literally by storm this past weekend reaching two finals in the competition.

In a attempt to improve the individual and team developmental rate through fierce competition, HPSA is moving to the Plano leagues this season and participated in the League Challenge Cup.  The players learned a valuable lesson overlooking their own individual discomfort in favor of team effort.  The Academy played in approximately 50 competitive games in frigid conditions.  The sense of accomplishment from all the families and coaches involved is unique as all players are now able to enjoy a much needed extra confidence level as they get ready to compete against the best North Texas teams in the upcoming spring season.

The HPSA 2004 Navy Girls team, pictured within, reached the tournament finals in their first ever competition, as they were able to edge The Ayses 4 - 0 and the Thunder 3-2 in the bracket games.  The HPSA 2000 Boys team had a very exciting overtime final! The '00 Boys, pictured here, were undefeated all the through the final.  We often hear "no pain, no gain" but this tournament was definitely a case of the "get bold with the cold" type of attitude crucial to have in select soccer.  We commend all the teams for their effort, competitive spirit and technical ability as they made the HP Soccer Academy so proud once again!

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