The Town of Addison, in partnership with the City of Farmers Branch, Dallas College-Brookhaven, and UDR, Inc., is pleased to announce the upcoming ribbon cutting ceremony for the Bella Lane extension. This significant infrastructure project, facilitated by an interlocal agreement (ILA), aims to enhance connectivity between the Vitruvian development and Alpha Road, passing through Dallas College-Brookhaven in Farmers Branch.

The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, at 9:30am at the new Bella Lane Circle, marking a major milestone for the communities involved. The event will serve as a testament to the successful collaboration and cooperation among the Town of Addison, City of Farmers Branch, Dallas College-Brookhaven, and UDR.

Mayor Bruce Arfsten of Addison expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "The completion of the Bella Lane extension is a remarkable achievement that will greatly benefit our communities. This project demonstrates the power of collaboration and sets an example for future joint ventures between our Town and the City of Farmers Branch. We are proud to work together to improve infrastructure and provide better connectivity for our residents."

Mayor Terry Lynne of Farmers Branch also shared his excitement, stating, "The Bella Lane extension road exemplifies the commitment of our city and the Town of Addison to enhancing the quality of life for our residents. This collaboration has not only resulted in a vital transportation link but has also fostered stronger ties between our communities. We look forward to the positive impact this project will have on our shared constituents."

The Bella Lane extension encompasses the design and construction of a new roadway connecting Vitruvian Park with Alpha Road and Dallas College-Brookhaven, alongside the development of a regional detention pond. This vital infrastructure project will primarily be situated within the City of Farmers Branch on Brookhaven College property, while also featuring a northern connection at Vitruvian Park within the Town of Addison.  The $3.5 million project is funded by UDR, Town of Addison and Farmers Branch on land donated by UDR and Dallas College-Brookhaven.

The ribbon cutting ceremony signifies the successful completion of the Bella Lane extension, demonstrating the commitment of the Town of Addison, City of Farmers Branch, Dallas College-Brookhaven, and UDR to improving infrastructure and fostering intercommunity collaboration. Local residents, community stakeholders, and officials from all participating entities are invited to attend the ceremony and celebrate this milestone achievement.

“The extension is the result of a true ‘town and gown’ partnership – surrounding cities coming together with an anchor institution of higher education like Dallas College-Brookhaven – to make our campus more accessible to our students and the immediate community,” said Dr. Christa Slejko, President of Dallas College-Brookhaven and Dallas College-North Lake Campuses. “The entry point and thoroughfare strengthen the fabric of our campus for the future, which calls for increased connectivity and access – everything this extension represents.”

Jessica Vetrano, Special Events & Projects Manager for UDR, Inc. at Vitruvian Park, expressed her gratitude, stating, “UDR, Inc. greatly appreciates the collaborative effort put forth by the Town of Addison, City of Farmers Branch, and Dallas College - Brookhaven, to complete this pivotal project!  The Bella Lane extension will add tremendous value to each of these constituents, the community at large, and Vitruvian Park development!”

For more information about the Bella Lane extension road and the collaborative efforts behind it, please contact the Town of Addison's Marketing and Tourism Director Mary Rosenbleeth at or 972-450-7032.