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2013 was good to BubbleLife. We expanded from about one dozen neighborhoods to more than 60, so it’s fair to say that in Dallas and the surrounding areas, we’re pretty much everywhere. In 2014, we will continue providing you with neighborhood news around the clock and helping to connect local businesses to potential customers. We thought it’d be fun to look back on some of our favorite stories of this year, just in case you missed them, or so you can check them out once again if you happened to read them in your email newsletter or online.

Here’s a look back at some of our favorite iReporters and stories from 2013: Announces 42 New Community Websites, May 8 – We had to brag on ourselves. Park Cities BubbleLife started in Publisher Saffie Farris’ kitchen about 10 years ago as a small blog, and now we’re the largest provider of neighborhood news in the Metroplex. (Don’t forget to subscribe to the email newsletter for the community or interest community of your choice!)

Can You Guess How Many Trick-or-Treat Pails Walmart Sells Each Halloween?, Oct. 31 – For all the most useless facts relating to Halloween paraphernalia, enjoy this short piece on Walmart sales statistics around the spooky holiday. The retailer sells how many trick-or-treat pails every year?

Healing Heartbreak at the Jacob Logan Run, Nov. 15– In Coppell, a community came together this year after the tragic death of Jacob Logan, who was a Coppell High School football player. The way his family and friends have rallied together to serve orphans in Zambia is truly touching, and we won’t forget this story.

I Never Thought Pirate Booty Would Inspire a Random Act of Kindness, Sept. 18 – Who knew walking in a jewelry store could have such a cool outcome for a six-year-old? Read how our publisher’s son got to experience a random act of kindness in Addison.

Lake Hoods Lady: Social Media in the Sixties, Jan. 9 – BubbleLife Contributor Shelia Huffman explains what used to be the “grapevine” but is now often replaced by text messaging. Go back and catch this one, and be sure to show it to your teenagers.

Letter From the Editor: Why Kidd Kraddick Was More Than Just a DJ, Aug. 4 – Dallas-based radio DJ Kidd Kraddick’s death shocked everyone this summer, and news spread quickly throughout the country. Neighborhood Editor Angela Washeck wrote about what the figure meant to her. The reader feedback was unprecedented, as so many of you told us that the piece explained exactly what you were feeling.

Miley Cyrus, Twerking and Acting Out: What to Make of Young Stars and Their Public Descents, Aug. 30 – The former Hannah Montana had something of a breakout year, but it wasn’t without drama. “Twerking” became a little more popular than we’d like to admit and Miley turned into a train wreck. So, we talked to some local therapists about what’s going on with Miley – and how to address growing up and acting out with your own teens.

On Valentine’s Day, Love for the Ages, Feb. 13 – Who doesn’t love love? Two sweet Dallas couples offered some tips for staying together for the long haul last Valentine’s Day, and this story has a special recipe for the special someone in your life.

PHOTOS: Entombed in Ice: This Weekend’s Photos of DFW, Dec. 9 – Remember that time Dallas-Fort Worth was blasted with an arctic ice storm that will go down in the books as Icemaggeddon 2013? Despite the frigid temperatures, treacherous road conditions, lack of power and drooping trees, it was kind of fun to experience some good ol’ winter weather at least for a little while.

PHOTOS: The Town of Highland Park Knows How to Party, Centennial-Style, Oct. 29 – 2013 marked 100 years for the town, and its birthday party was one to remember. If you’re a Park Cities resident and weren’t able to make it, or if you live outside “the bubble” and just want to see how Highland Park parties, make sure to catch this photo gallery and video of the event.

The Dallas Cowboys, Two Army Officers and A Well-Connected Allen Woman: A Love Story, Oct. 16 – A heartwarming love story about the engagement of two brave military officers, with the help of Allen Economic Development Corporation’s Tracey Cline.

You Should Participate in a 5K Color Run. It’s Better than Ice Cream, Nov. 19 – Crystal, who is in the middle of a challenge to complete 50 5Ks in a year, breaks down all the reasons why everyone should run a color run. Seriously, you need to check out this story just to see the photo of Crystal and her precious two-year-old, Maggie.

12 Days of Elf Takeover: Day 1 – The BubbleLife Spy, Dec. 13 – This was the start of our office Elf on the Shelf’s spying shenanigans leading up to Christmas Day. That pesky elf got into all kinds of stuff while he was in the office alone, including whipping up cookies and holiday cocktails, and revealing some of BubbleLife’s newest features. 

50 Years Later: BubbleLife Readers Share Their Memories of Nov. 22, 1963, Nov. 22 – Our readers never let us down. We have to admit, we were a bit skeptical about having readers old enough to remember the assassination of President Kennedy, much less having them share their memories of that painful day with us. There are pretty neat remembrances here, so check it out.

Even though 2013 is all but over, you can keep reading all of your favorite BubbleLife stories whenever you want by using the “Save” button. You’ll find it on all BubbleLife posts—look for the BubbleLife icon right at the top of this article next to the email and social media icons, make sure you are logged in and then click it! This puts the article in your saved folder—you can do this for your own articles or those you want to re-read, send to a friend or reference later.

See you in 2014!