Many young women dream of working in the fashion industry, whether it’s modeling, designing or marketing.  Most, however, don’t get to see that dream become reality like Aimee Miller and Megan Carreker have within the last four years. 

While participating in sorority life, Miller and Carreker met as students at Baylor University, forging a friendship that would eventually become a business partnership in Hip Chixs denim line.

Miller’s interest in a denim line focused around the accessibility of a pair of jeans.  Being a native Texan from Dallas, denim was always an important part of her wardrobe.  But, like most people would agree, blue jeans are not always the most comfortable clothing option during a Texas summer.  Miller had a few thoughts on how to create a better jean, eventually telling Carreker about her ideas.  The two described themselves as a “perfect fit,” as Carreker had also grown up possessing an interest in fashion and hoped to one day work in the industry.  Being from San Antonio, she was especially inspired by the culture, color and art of Texas fashion.

After discussing Miller’s dream of a creating a denim line, the women didn’t move forward with a plan for a few years.  Remembering their college ideas a few years later, the duo developed a strategy.  “Over dinner one night about four years ago, we came up with a plan to fly out to LA and knock on doors,” Carreker said.  “We visited boutiques in Dallas to get an idea of what was selling.  We compiled research about denim sales and networked with friends and peers in our professions,” she added. 

The women chose to focus on denim, rather than a traditional assortment of clothing, because of its demand and commanding presence in the Texas fashion scene. “It is a staple most people own and there will always be a love for denim.  It is one of our fashion obsessions and we wanted to make the perfect pair,” Carreker said of the merchandise.  A lightweight fabric and a flattering pocket design sets Hip Chixs apart from other denim brands.  “Our fabric is really unmatchable because it’s very lightweight, which is key for Texas girls, and comfortable, “ the women said.  “A jean that you actually enjoy wearing all day.”  Also appealing to customers, the brand offers a specialized waistband that keeps the jeans in place, preventing them from sliding down in the back, a common affliction for women.

Sold at the Blues Jean Bar in Snider Plaza, the Miller and Carreker chose to launch their line in Dallas because of its locality and fashion influence throughout Texas.  “We decided to start locally and fortunately, Dallas is more fashion forward.  We both live here and could really own our product and sell it here to get a good read before branching out to other major Texas cities,” they said.  “Supporting our local businesses and economy is very important to us as well.”  As a customer of the Blues Jean Bar, Miller thought Hip Chixs would be a perfect fit for the store.  Her networking and sales skills combined to create an exclusive partnership with the boutique. 

A launch party at the Blues Jean Bar on Aug. 5 displayed a promising future for the line.  After one week of sales, Miller and Carreker said that Hip Chixs is faring well in the denim market.  “Our sales have been beyond our expectations!” they said.  According to the designers, a large amount of inventory was sold and there has been a great deal of positive feedback.

Hip Chixs future expansion plans include the possible growth into other categories of apparel.  As far as locations, they would like to eventually see the line in Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and, “maybe two or three other boutiques here in Dallas as well.”     

Miller and Carreker said that the most important thing when starting a fashion line or small business such as Hip Chixs is patience.  “Be patient, this thing does not happen overnight.  We are going into four years now.”  They added that there is a lot to learn about the business, but that the effort has been well worth it.  “It is surreal to see your dream starting to come true.” 

Head to the Blues Jean Bar in Snider Plaza to find your perfect pair of Hip Chixs.

Sarah Griffith is Executive Editor of, an Advice Interactive Group product. She’s worked with BubbleLife since 2011, transitioning to Advice during BubbleLife’s acquisition in 2017. Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism-Public Relations from Baylor University and has a passion for all things related to content. She has formerly served in multiple roles at BubbleLife, including Digital Marketing Consultant, Account Executive, Business Editor, and Neighborhood Editor, helping expand the company from eight community websites in Dallas-Fort Worth to more than 250 nationwide. When out of the office, Sarah can typically be found listening to live music and engaging in a never-ending hunt for the best queso in Dallas. - Contact Sarah at  
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