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What do the PSAT, East Dallas, and Southern Methodist University have in common? All three are focus points of Apollo Tutors, a recently-launched educational services venture piloted by four ambitious Southern Methodist University gentlemen that focuses on community outreach. Although the business is young, the fruits of labor are apparent through successful educational services provided in subject tutoring as well as test preparation and college course assistance.

Apollo Tutors is a full-service tutoring company that aims to bring quality tutoring services to members of the Park Cities community at competitive rates while giving back to at-risk neighborhoods. Founded in February, the group has already partnered with key organizations in the Dallas area to identify, target, and deliver free tutoring services in at-risk communities.

The business model Apollo Tutors follows is simple: for every hour a client is tutored, Apollo Tutors will tutor an at-risk child for free. Currently, the model has allowed for 30 hours of afterschool tutoring to be provided to members of East Dallas neighborhoods. Apollo Tutors is particularly partnered with Dallas Community Lighthouse, an organization that serves children from grades K-8.

Complementing the community outreach arm of Apollo Tutors, the company strives to deliver the utmost quality of supplemental education to clients. Services that Apollo Tutors offers include subject tutoring, foreign language, test preparation, as well as college application counseling and college course assistance.

Tutors are carefully selected based on academic excellence and willingness to provide community tutoring. Apollo Tutors was founded on the heels of academic excellence and achievement: all four founding partners of Apollo Tutors hail from the Highland Park and Dallas area and are scholars with backgrounds in investment banking and consulting. One of the founders, senior Shameel Thawerbhoy, is a graduate of Highland Park High School.

More information about Apollo Tutors can be found on the company’s webpage or via email at As a young company with a bright vision and future, Apollo Tutors is looking to members of the Park Cities community to further its mission and help students in the community succeed.