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In just six months, Dallas has been charmed by superior third-generation gelato maker, Carlo Gattini. At Botolino Gelato on Lower Greenville, Carlo is bringing authentic Italian-style gelato & other sweet fare made from natural, carefully sourced ingredients to the notoriously fickle and growing frozen dessert scene in North Texas. 

From the unique saffron gelato to the astounding fig and mascarpone gelato, everything is made from scratch in store every day, using traditional methods and basic, raw ingredients that are entirely free of artificial flavorings, colors, and preservatives.

Carlo recently caught the eye of Texas Country Reporter’s Bob Phillips who did a profile on this extraordinary shop that has garnered raves from customers and the media. View Texas Country Reporter segment HERE.

In his own words, Carlo “Botolo” Gattini simply loves making gelato. “This is what I was born to do. I was trained by gelato masters in Italy, but my connection to the world of food goes back much further and started with my grandmother,” he says.

“My grandmother served gelato in her own shop in Italy, and she and her sisters resurrected the epicurean magazine La Cucina Italiana, which they managed for decades. By the time she retired, she had written a library of cookbooks and had become one of Italy’s most beloved recipe book writers. She was the first person to teach me how to cook, and her legacy has always influenced me.

When I was fifteen, my family left our farm in Tuscany and settled in Dallas, where my father opened the restaurant MoMo Italian Kitchen. For more than thirty years, I worked with him to offer guests authentic and honest flavors from my homeland.

My approach to making gelato is rooted in Italian traditions, prioritizing a respect for ingredients, simplicity, and time-tested methods. Living in Dallas has been a strong influence, however, and my style can best be described as “Italo Texano.” The product I create is fused from my heritage, the influences of my life in Texas, and my heart.”

Throughout 2018, Botolino Gelato is celebrating signature weeks with specialty tasting events, such as National Coffee Week and Natural Sweetness Week. Details are available at Botolino Gelatio’s Facebook page.