Christine Rogers – Guest Contributor
Sep 10 2018
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In 1966, Dallas area professionals and community leaders recognized the need for access to immediate intervention for individuals in acute emotional crisis in Dallas, Texas. After much deliberation and planning, the Suicide Prevention Center and 24-hour Crisis Line (with highly-trained, volunteer telephone counselors working 4-hour shifts) began operations in 1969.

Our yearly spring event, “Fashion Stars for a Cause,” has helped highlight this devastating public health crisis for over 10 years.  We are grateful for the extraordinary talents of Chair Yvonne Crum and for her dedication and compassion for our work.

In past years, we rarely received calls to our Crisis Line from young children. Now, in 2018, we are noting a change. A recent call to our Crisis Line (specific details are not provided due to confidentiality) came from a young child of 11 who called in and began to talk to our Crisis Line Volunteer about a book she had read entitled, "How to Disappear...The Great Vanishing Act."

Over the course of this call, the young girl expressed how she thought the ideas were interesting in the book. She also shared that she was considering going out to the nearby railroad tracks, walking along them with her small dog and backpack and "just disappear." Of course, without saying so and most likely without understanding what she was feeling, she was considering suicide. Our long-serving and very wise volunteer who answered this call managed to bring this child back from her thoughts of disappearing without a trace. As the call concluded, she promised to call back soon and she was glad to know there was a place she could call day or night when she had such strong and difficult feelings of hopelessness.

With the recent high-profile celebrity suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, people of all ages are wondering WHY? Why would two wonderful, successful people take their own lives?

Bringing children, teens, veterans and adults back from the brink of suicidal violence will continue to be the Suicide and Crisis Center’s primary goal.  It is our mission that began over 50 years ago in Dallas, Texas. Our founders knew it would be a difficult journey.

Since 2009, North Texas Giving Day has been an unexpected blessing for our yearly fundraising efforts. Our founders clearly never envisioned how North Texas Giving Day would eventually play such a big role in our suicide prevention initiatives for North Texas.?



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