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Traffick911 serves as Crisis Response and Advocacy Agency for child sex trafficking victims in North Texas. The goal: to change the trajectory of these vulnerable children.  We’ve been honored to serve 121 child sex trafficking victims rescued in Dallas & Fort Worth over the last 12 months. Here’s one of those children’s story:

‘M’ was trafficked for sex at the age of 12 and was recovered by local police.  A Traffick911 Advocate responded within one-hour. She found a scared teenage girl who hadn’t eaten in 2 days. Equipped with snacks, clothes, toiletries, blanket, teddy bear and journal, their relationship began during long hours spent at the police station and ER.M was reunited with her mom the next morning. The Advocate helped mom understand the behaviors behind the actions of her hurting daughter. She connected M with trauma-informed counseling. She began to find her voice again.

The time came for M to testify against her trafficker. In partnership the DA, the Advocate helped M endure the process. Consequently, M clearly articulated her story with confidence and poise on the witness stand. The jury believed her. Her trafficker was sentenced to 35 years -- and M saw justice.M completed her school year on the honor roll. Here’s a text from her mom to Traffick911 Advocate: “I’m so very proud of her. I just want to thank you for being such a positive influence in her life. God sent us an angel the night you were called. I love you.” 

That’s just one story.  And many relationships are still developing with 87 children still engaged. But this collective effort is coming together to restore lives. Your generosity on NTXGIVINGDAY to Traffick911 communicates “each life is valuable.”  

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