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Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

Rendered blind and deaf after a childhood illness, Keller was a champion for those with disabilities and continues to be an inspiration.

At Guide Dogs of Texas, our clients are our heroes. Since 1989, we have provided more than 240,000 days of guided sight to Texans ages 17 and up disabled by blindness. 

You can be a champion for our clients and their families by supporting us on North Texas Giving Day.

Through education, in-home training and professionally bred and personally matched guide dogs, our clients regain their mobility, independence and freedom to enjoy their lives! We have a 100% graduation rate for our clients and their matched canines.                                                     

When epilepsy and Lyme disease took the vision of world-renowned artist and University of North Texas alumnus John Bramblitt (, he thought he would be “cast into a world of darkness.”

But to his surprise, that’s not what happened. Being an artist gave him a way to explore his new “perceptual world” and connect with those around him. In addition, he credits his training with Guide Dogs of Texas guide dogs Echo, and now, Eagle, for impacting his career in “unbelievable” ways.

“With Eagle by my side, I became the first blind muralist ever with my first mural painted in New York – the intense travel and work schedule would have been impossible without my Guide Dogs of Texas guide dog,” John says. 

John’s first guide dog, Echo, a member of the Texas Animal Hall of Fame, flew with the artist on over 600 flights all over the country and led him through towns, hotels, airports and anywhere else he needed to go. 

“We traveled in cars, taxis, shuttles, buses, and planes from small props to 777's,” John explains. “No matter where I was going or when -- the independence she gave me is just astounding. The simple truth is that when I travel with my dog from Guide Dogs of Texas, I no longer have a visual impairment; I can travel just as fast and effortlessly as any sighted person.”

Thank you for joining us Guide Dogs of Texas as we work to do “so much” to open the world to heroes like John – and countless others! 



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