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For many students across the globe, the upcoming Fall semester is looking a lot different than years past. But remaining steadfast in her commitment to fostering the next generation of women in business, Kendra Scott is determined to ensure the brand is continuing to support and celebrate young women during this unique back-to-school season despite the obstacles.

That’s where the brand’s on-campus rep program comes in: the Kendra Scott ‘Gems’.

First launched in 2018, the Gems program has grown by nearly 50% year-over-year, and is now inclusive of over 90 students across 80 campuses nationwide and growing. Kendra Scott knows that these students look to the program for resume building opportunities, networking, and career panels that they would not otherwise receive in their curriculum. Now, the brand is taking what they learned over the past 6 months in pivoting their philanthropic and business initiatives to virtual and applying those same rules to the Gems program for the back-to-school season. In DFW, there are current Gems for the Fall semester at SMU, TCU, Texas Women's University, The University of Texas at Dallas and University of North Texas.

Beginning with the Fall semester, the Gems program will:

  • Extend Kendra Scott corporate giveback programs to college ambassadors, including one of the brand’s largest initiatives – ‘Kendra Gives Back’ virtual events, opening up these initiatives to local communities in need on their campuses

  • Utilize the brand ambassador relationship management app, ‘Social Ladder’ to assign challenges and accrue points that are redeemable for Kendra Scott prizes

  • Participate in focus groups with Kendra Scott merchandising and design teams, providing them direct access to brand HQ

  • Support the brand on key philanthropy and fashion moments throughout the year

For more information or for students looking to become a part of the GEMS program, please visit