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From Doctor Who to Star Wars Experiences: Food, Fun and Four-legged Friends at Dallas Fan Days

 Fans will gather to celebrate their love of all things fiction and fantasy at one of the largest fan events in Texas. Dallas Fan Days happens from October 18 through October 20, 2019, at the Irving Convention Center, 500 West Las Colinas Boulevard, Irving, TX 75039. From celebrity guests to comic creators, from stars of the big and small screens to cosplayers who curate their own followings, from one-of-a-kind experiences to interactive adventures, Dallas Fan Days has been thrilling fans for years. In addition to the new community partnerships with SPCA of Texas and Toyota Music Factory, the following events are just a few sights and activities for fans and families at Dallas  Fan Days.

For the first time ever, Dallas Fan Days is expanding the fandom to include exclusive deals for Dallas Fan Days badge holders at select restaurants near Toyota Music Factory, details available here. Also new this year, Dallas Fan Days will host SPCA of Texas’s mobile unit on-site Sunday, October 20, from noon-4 p.m. Fans can come and take selfies with their favorite furry friends or even bring home one of ‘man’s best friend’s. 



You may have seen it zipping around the streets of DFW, but now’s your chance to get up close and take a selfie with one of the most adorable vehicle tributes to Doctor Who. Plus, you get to see if it’s bigger on the inside!


Whether you're a Whovian, a cosplayer, or crafter, you are welcome here! Spend some time with people who love the same things you do, share your awesome cosplay, find new local Meetup friends, or just take some photos. These themed Meetups are absolutely free and designed to help you connect with people you otherwise might not ever meet.


This TARDIS was originally built in the early 80s by fantasy/horror author P.N. Elrod and was used by the local PBS affiliate during pledge drives for entrances by Jon Pertwee and Sylvester McCoy. At various conventions through the years, it has also been used on stage by Colin Baker and Peter Davison, so four Doctors have actually been in it! Photos are always free with this TARDIS, and attendees are welcome to open the door and step inside... though it’s not actually bigger on the inside.


Something for every level of interest, young or old, you will be sure to enjoy our multi-faceted Star Wars Experience! Hear from C3-P0 himself, Anthony Daniels, get an autograph, see and touch the many props and displays, blast a Stormtrooper! Photo ops abound with Star Wars-themed backdrops, Droids and thousands of retail items and rare collectibles. 


Selfie with a Stormtrooper anyone? The 501st Legion of Stormtroopers are here at Dallas Fan Days! Whether you are a rebel at heart or think the Empire did nothing wrong, come on out and say hello!  Get your one-of-a-kind photos and help support a great cause. 


As you all know Boba Fett and other Mandalorians “always get their man”! Since encasing every prisoner in Carbonite can get expensive, the Mercs have brought their more traditional form of incarceration, a jail cell! Climb and in and get your photo taken like the scum that you are!


Welcome to your Beastly Academic Test (BAT) for Potions! Work as a team to make the perfect potion and get a passing grade. Everything you need is in this room. You have 45 minutes to complete your potion and submit it for grading to Philomena Fillpot. Difficulty:  Easy * Type: Ages 5+, family-friendly, Wizarding * Time: 45 Minutes * Players: 7


Weirder stuff has been going on in the peaceful town of Harkins.   Your friend Bill has gone missing.  It's up to you and your friends to discover what's going on.  Help uncover hidden secrets and solve mysteries as you travel to the Other Side! Difficulty:  Medium * Type: Ages 10+, Sci-fi * Time : 30 minutes * Players: 5


“Baby” is Dean's trademark black 1967 Chevrolet Impala as featured on the television series Supernatural. This is not a replica! This car was used on screen in Season 9! Come and check it out in person, displayed on the main exhibit floor all weekend!


Stopping by on your way west of Westeros? Make sure nobody has a better story than you by snapping the ultimate pic with the Iron Throne! Whether you supported the Starks, the Lannisters, or the Targaryens, have your own moment as the King of Queen of the seven six kingdoms! 


When you're at a pop culture convention like-minded people surround you, but sometimes meeting folks can be complicated; but not when you're in a setting designed just for that. This is a fun way to quickly meet and get to know some of your fellow fans, and who knows, you might just develop a very important relationship in the process. Sign up in person at the show!

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Friday, October 11, 2019