This Saturday, creative minds are invited to an event called the Woodshed School Portfolio Class, where writers, art directors and designers can “regenerate an existing project” in the span of a few hours. 

Peter Wood is the “Shedmaster” of the Woodshed School, which he launched to teach young students and professionals how to think outside the box and to pursue business with a “people first” mentality.

“Whether your role is in art, science of business, it is imperative that you be able to grasp the true essence of a given problem/opportunity. That the human need, not the product, business, or corporate need should come first,” Wood said.

Wood, a Scotland native, will lead Saturday’s event. He moved to Dallas in 2008 to serve as Executive Creative Director at Slingshot LLC, a marketing firm that represents the likes of Corner Bakery, The Sixth Floor Museum, and SMU’s Cox School of Business. The school’s first event will be held at Union Coffee near SMU. Wood said he loves to put people in environments that at first glance are not viewed as places of learning. 

According to Wood, the ideal student for Saturday's class is someone “willing to ‘think out loud.’” Young writers and art directors, either in school or in the beginning stages of their agency careers, will be most likely to show up Saturday, but Wood said everyone is welcome.

Eventually, Wood said he would like to host workshops at churches, art galleries, and hospitals, to name a few, because they are “places with real people in them… and where everything isn’t advertising ‘glossy-like.’”

The Woodshed School is in its infancy now, but Wood said the long-term plan is to develop courses in executive education for local companies and to offer one-year classes in various areas of marketing.

Until then, Wood and his wife, (Shedmistress) Deborah Waring, hope their vision to bring different creative thinking approaches to Dallas will take off.

For more information on attending The Woodshed School’s Portfolio class this Saturday, click here.

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