Nick Wade – Guest Contributor
Oct 24 2012
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Beginning in 2014, DFW high school football teams will likely have new classifications to make their mark in.

The NFL has the draft and college football has National Signing Day. For high school football fans in Texas however, district realignment and reclassification is the biggest day of the offseason every two years. Based on enrollment numbers, and travel time, some schools are shuffled into new districts and new classifications every two years. But during the next realignment almost every school will find itself in a new classification, as the UIL legislative council voted yesterday to approve the creation of a 6A class.

While the prospect of a new "super-class" has already gained momentum among fans, the creation of 6A will be in name only. Each of the classifications will be moving up, thus changing Six-Man to 1A, 1A to 2A, and so on throughout the classifications, until 5A becomes 6A. Therefore, the enrollment qualifications for the new 6A will likely be equivalent to those currently in place for 5A. 

The UIL also approved a playoff expansion for 2A and 3A in all team sports, adding a fourth qualifying team from each district. 

Additionally the UIL approved a new 3A class for soccer, as the current system has 3A schools playing 4A schools with significantly larger enrollments.

Pending a vote from superintendents, the current 3A classification could be split into two divisions. 

Most of the approved changes voted on by the council will be implemented during the 2013 or 2014 seasons. The only decision concerning current athletics was the approval of all football playoff games having the ability to be broadcast on television if both schools agree to it.  

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