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Established in 2012, Give a Kid a Coat is a nonprofit that focuses on providing children in need with warm winter coats. The organization has dispersed more than 5,000 coats to kids over the past few years, and it has received a substantial amount of support from musical celebrity Sir Earl Toon.

In fact, Sir Earl Toon was storing hundreds of recently donated coats in his own home when an electrical fire ignited and caused severe damage. Sir Earl Toon and his girlfriend were able to escape the danger, but the coats intended for cold children were not. 

Sir Earl Toon expressed his devastation at the loss of the donations. He has been involved with Give a Kid a Coat for years, and now many of the coats he has collected have been destroyed by water, soot and flames. However, he hasn't lost hope just yet. Sir Earl Toon hopes that news of the tragic fire will motivate more people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to give to the cause so that children throughout the Metroplex can stay warm in these frigid temperatures. 

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