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Encephalitis support is a real unmet need in the U.S., especially the Plano and Dallas area where so many people suffered from neuro-invasive West Nile (synonymous with encephalitis) during the epidemic. Many of these people continue to struggle every day with extreme fatigue, memory issues, mobility problems, seizures and severe headaches, among many others. We have recently launched a Plano-based nonprofit,, with a goal to improve the quality of life for those impacted by encephalitis. is hosting a meeting for those impacted on March 24 from 2 to 4:30 pm at LifePoint Church at 4501 Hedgcoxe Road in Plano, TX 75024 at the north entrance. There is no fee to attend this meeting. Please contact Becky at if you plan to attend. 

The meeting will be facilitated by two survivors and board members, Becky Dennis and Bob Morris. Joining them in this casual setting are Stephen Chock, PhD, local neuropsychologist, psychologist, and certified brain injury specialist, as well as Stefanie McNeal, also local DPT and physical therapist with Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation. 

The intent of the meeting is simply to share coping mechanisms, meds that work, tests or treatments that help, opportunity to vent a little if needed, share a funny story, etc. Topics will vary including rehabilitation, facing friends/family unfamiliar with encephalitis, referrals and cognitive treatments. See for additional information.