Mikee Smythe – Guest Contributor
Apr 26 @ 12:00 pm
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The Heart of Dallas Chapter of National Charity League celebrates “Ten Years of Serving Our Community With Heart.”  Under President Rupa Naidu, more than 300 members celebrated all year, dedicating over 6,200 hours on behalf of 25 beloved philanthropies.  

“I am so proud of the way our chapter has come together to serve our community with heart!  Many of our mothers and daughters have found their intrinsic passion for philanthropy and service through their experiences this year.  I can truly see how these experiences have shaped our girls in multiple ways.  I feel confident that our graduating class of 2019 will take their love of service with them in their new pursuits in college and beyond.”said Naidu.  Heart of Dallas caps-off the year with 26 members receiving a Presidential Service Award. 

The chapter marked the milestone with the 10thAnniversary Class of 2024, an especially large class ensuring a dedication to service through the next decade.  This class contributed 1,375 hours of community service on its own.  Sadie Smythe, Class of 2024, especially likes volunteering with children.  “Being able to help others with friends and family has been fun, but the best part is seeing my efforts in the kids I spend time with," she said.  "I make new friends every time I volunteer."