Laura Swaney – Guest Contributor
Jan 4 @ 09:14
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This past fall, mothers and sons from YMSL Highland Park worked together to answer the greatest need of Bonton Farms. We purchased lumber and supplies to construct 10 long benches and 5 farm tables.  The tables and benches will be used for pop-up chef dinners where proceeds will benefit Bonton Farms and at community gatherings at the newly opened Bonton Market, weekly bible studies, etc. Having these tables and benches will alleviate the need to rent them for events.   
Table and bench construction began on the Ultimate Gift prep day on October 8th and despite a rain day, construction continued on the following days. Along with the construction project, we were also able to paint one coat of the entire perimeter of the storage containers. Future volunteers at Bonton will finish the painting of the containers.  
In addition to the physical work, we also learned about an exciting result of our Ultimate Gift project.  In keeping with their mission to “to restore lives, create jobs and ignite hope in the most forgotten and neglected neighborhoods”, Bonton was so pleased with the tables and benches that they are considering making the tables and benches a side business.  This will not only create an additional income stream for Bonton, but it could provide jobs for the Bonton residents, giving them useful life skills. The mothers and sons from YMSL Highland Park celebrate another successful Ultimate Gift experience! 
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